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My lovely blogging friend Sophia kindly invited me along with her to the Lola’s Cupcakes PR event in Mayfair, so last Thursday we headed down to London after work with the full intention of leaving in a cake induced coma. I wouldn’t have expected anything less from myself if I’m honest.

I’ve never actually tried anything from Lola’s Cupcakes, no judgments please, so on arrival to the event I was pretty excited by the fact I was surrounded by gorgeously decorated cupcakes, massively OTT seven tier cakes, and a fridge full of cheesecakes. I don’t even like cheesecake, but these looked damn good.

As the shop is quite small we didn’t spend too long looking around before delving straight into their new Summer Loves Cocktail Hour Cupcakes. Unfortunately I couldn’t get great shots of the new range as most of the cakes were gone by the time we got there, plus the lighting was poor, but at the end of the day cake is cake – do we really care what they look like?

So, the new range. Lola’s Cupcakes have recently launched their Cosmopolitan, Mojito and Lychee Martini Cupcakes, alongside their humongous Pimms Cake. Why? Not a clue, but it absolutely works. Sophia went for the Mojito one, and I opted for the Cosmopolitan one. Mine, although quite tangy due to what I can only assume was the lime on top of it, was so, so delicious – which no doubt will be extremely obvious in the photos snapped by the photographer while I was mid-scoff.

And what’s the best way to wash down cake? Cocktails, of course. To stay true to form I ordered a Cosmopolitan (which nearly blew my head off) and Sophia tried the Mojito, which I later tried and have to say was amazing. One cake isn’t quite enough though, obviously, so we didn’t beat around the bush and soon found ourselves trying the Pimms Cake and the Chocolate Rainbow Cake. I have been dying to try rainbow cake for basically my entire life, so this was quite a moment, and it did not disappoint!

After a couple more cocktails we were ready to head off back to Euston, but not before grabbing a gigantic slice of rainbow cake for the road, of course. And, to top it off, the lovely people at Lola’s actually gave us an entire cake each – which my work very much appreciated the next day. You cannot beat cake any day of the week, but on a Friday it’s that little bit more appreciated! Seriously, try the Carrot Cake, it’ll change your life…

Thank you to Sophia for the invite to a great night, and to Lola’s Cupcakes for hosting such a yummy event! Next time I’m passing by one of their shops, I will be in there like a shot!


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