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On Wednesday 17th February myself and a few fellow Milton Keynes Bloggers and YouTubers headed to LUSH Cosmetics for a little sneak peek at their new Easter products. At the last LUSH event I went to they revealed their summer range, which despite feeling like only a couple of months ago was actually back in August, which seems crazy. LUSH is one of those stores that you simply cannot get bored of, as with baskets full to the brim with soaps, bath bombs, beauty products and more, there’s always plenty to be tried and tested!

After getting to know one another and sampling the delicious sparkling apple drinks, we played a little game of pass the parcel where we each unwrapped an Easter package one at a time. As I’ve only been a huge LUSH fan for the past nine months or so, I’d never really seen any of the Easter products before, so delving into packets to find gorgeous, bright bath bombs and bubble bars was so exciting, particularly when we got to see them fizzing away in action!

Once we’d finished gazing dreamily at the frothy, sparkly bubbles before us, we spent some time learning about the ingredients within some of the LUSH Kitchen products. Knowing what goes into these products, and more importantly how perfectly vegan they are, makes them even more amazing!

Last but not least, the gift sets were revealed. This year LUSH are selling the Rainbow, the Carrot, the Funky Bunny, the Bouncy Bunny and the ever so slightly creepy Good Egg, all of which are packed with a selection of the new Easter products, such as the Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb, the Humpty Dumpty Bath Bomb, the Bouncy Bunny Shower Jelly and the Bunch of Carrots, along with some old favourites as well. Oh and if you’re a fan of lemon, get the Bouncy Bunny, because it contains the exclusive Spring Bunny Bath Bomb which smells divine! These gift sets are perfect for someone who doesn’t fancy an Easter egg this year, or perhaps even as a Birthday gift for a lucky friend or family member!

My favourite products of the night were definitely the Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt, the Which Came First Bath Bomb, the Ultraviolet Bubble Bar and the Bunch of Carrots. As lovely as the soap bars and jelly soaps are, for me, nothing can beat a good bubble bar or bath bomb! There’s something about that fizzy goodness that I just adore.

Thank you so much to LUSH Milton Keynes for another great evening! To see what I bought on the night, and also to see what freebies they popped in my bag, keep checking back for a haul post which will follow in the coming weeks!

Like the look of these products? Their Easter range goes on sale TODAY, so be sure to stock up quickly before they all sell out! Let me know on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or in the comments below if you buy anything from the new range!


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