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The ever popular brand that is Teapigs are on a mission to get the nation drinking ‘real tea’, and they’ve certainly kicked off their #MatchaMay campaign with a bang. Now whilst I’ve never been a tea drinker, I’ve always been keen to give green tea a go – so when I received the opportunity to review the Teapigs Modern Matcha Kit for the duration of May, I couldn’t resist, particularly as the matcha powder had won an award for the best slimming and fitness product back in 2011.

When the kit arrived I was instantly in awe at the adorable scoop and shot glass. Packaging and branding goes a long way and when it’s done right, it makes deliveries like these that little bit more special. As I delved into the box to see what was buried within the luminous tissue paper, I discovered the king of healthy teas itself – organic matcha powder. I didn’t know anything about what it was or what it did, and I purposely didn’t research it. For me, part of the matcha experience was educating myself on the endless health benefits that it contained once it arrived. So, what’s so good about it?

The Facts

1. It’s made up of 100% tea leaves.

2. One serving equates to fifteen cups of normal green tea.

3. It can boost your metabolism and energy levels.

4. It contains 70 x the antioxidants of orange juice, 9 x the Beta-Carotene of spinach, and Vitamins A, B and C.

5. It promotes the metabolism and burning of fat.

What is it?

Matcha is 100% natural and organic, and is grown under shade to enhance its chlorophyll content (aka – the bright green stuff that contains the amino acids).

How does it work?

Green tea is made by boiling the tea leaves, which are then thrown away afterwards. Alternatively with matcha powder, the concoction contains all of the healthy goodness that is typically lost on throwing away the leaves with normal green tea, allowing you to consume all of the necessary benefits.

Because of the ingredients in matcha powder, you can forget those drowsy afternoon slumps! The product provides you with a sustained energy boost lasting for 4-6 hours each day. On top of that, it’s said to help keep you calm and focused – a perfect mind set to be in for those hectic days at work.

When I opened the ring pull of the tin, a teeny cloud of matcha dust flooded out leaving a beautifully fresh aroma. I knew it was green, but wow, it really IS green. It’s well known that many of the green foods on the market make you think ‘ooh, this is green therefore it must be healthy’, and although it’s not the case for everything, it certainly is the case with matcha powder. Having scooped some of the product into the my adorable shot glass, I whisked away until I was left with a smooth liquid texture. I’ll be honest, the strong tea flavour wasn’t massively suited to my taste as I’m a coffee girl at heart, but I don’t doubt for a second that this would go brilliantly diluted within one of my breakfast smoothies. It tasted healthy, and left me feeling healthy, proving that my first encounter with matcha powder was a success. Whether it lives up to its expectations is something I won’t know until I complete the 30 day trial – though, even if I don’t feel hugely different in myself, there’s no reason to stop consuming it due to the countless positive nutrients matcha provides you with.

Has anyone had any positive results since adding matcha powder to their diet? I’d love to hear from you!



Buy the Modern Matcha Kit from Teapigs here.

These items were sent to me for reviewing purposes, though please note this does in no way affect my opinion on the product.



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