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I didn’t get too spendy during May as the money for our apartment is slowly beginning to slip away, and each month I’m only left with 15% of my monthly wages to spend how I wish (shout out to Google for helping me work that one out). I used to throw money away without a care in the world, but after being left with merely pennies in the past – I’ve since learnt how to spend wisely!

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, at the beginning of the year I swapped my face wipes for cleanser as I felt the wipes just weren’t removing my makeup as well as I needed them too. With combination skin, it’s really important for me to make sure my face is as squeaky clean as possible before bed each night. Thanks to this cleanser, I have no trouble with achieving that! It’s a miracle to come across a cleanser that doesn’t sting the living hell out of my eyes every time, so the fact that this product is kind on my skin and actually does its job makes it heaven in a bottle. Also, this is totally irrelevant, but the bubbly substance inside screams cleanliness!

Women’s Health Magazine

I usually spend a few pound every month on trashy magazines (the kind you can’t help but love), but recently I’ve been dying to read Women’s Health. After checking out their site on a regular basis, I decided it was fitting to spend a little more during my next Boots trip and buy this magazine. Everything inside completely lived up to my expectations, and then some. It’s so refreshing to read article after article and have every single one relate to you in some way!

Bath & Body Works Fiji White Sands & Bourbon Street Buttercream Anti-Bacterial Gels

I love love love these adorable little anti-bac gels. The first one I had was a Gingerbread one which I’ve been using like there’s no tomorrow, although with it now being June I was beginning to get comments from people asking why it smelt like Christmas – which it kind of did. But lucky for me, my Dad and Step-mum bought me back another two from their recent USA trip. I can’t even begin to explain how much I love everything from Bath & Body Works. I have seriously fond memories of browsing that store for hours on end in some desperate attempt to try and narrow down what was in my basket.

Bath & Body Works Wild Mango Mojito Hand Soap

Again – wow. I used to always buy the Winter Candy Apple soap when I visited America (seriously – Winter in a bottle), but my Dad and Step-mum have bought us two of these beauties in recent months, both of which we’re saving for when we move in to our new apartment! Though I may have to keep them in the en-suite only, I’m not sure I’m ok with sharing them… only joking. Maybe.

Overall, a great bunch of stuff! I warn you now, my June favourites may be similar as my Mum’s in New York right now – and guess what I asked her to try and bring back…




Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water – Superdrug | Fiji White Sands Antibac Gel – Bath & Body Works | Bourbon Street Buttercream Antibac Gel – Bath & Body Works |Wild Mango Mojito Hand Soap – Bath & Body Works | Magazine – Tesco


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