Happy Christmas Eve! I can’t actually believe Christmas is here. I don’t know if it’s the fact it’s drizzling outside or the fact that I’ve been so busy over the past month I haven’t been able to do half the Christmassy things that I wanted to, but it really doesn’t feel like tomorrow’s the day we’ll be getting up, cracking open a bottle of bubbly and spending the day sitting in wrapping paper and eating enough food to feed an army. I should probably just embrace it now.

I’m annoyed at myself because I had all these ideas for Christmas blog posts, and surprise surprise I haven’t got round to writing any of them. Partly due to lack of time — because if I’m not working or doing general life ‘stuff’ then I’m battling my way through Christmas shopping, having an argument with a roll of Sellotape mid-wrapping, trying not to lose my mind about being unorganised and attempting to be sociable — but also partly because I don’t know how I feel about my blog at the moment.

You’ve probably noticed that my blog seems to go through phases of being a travel blog, and then a lifestyle blog, and then a fitness blog. That’s because I like all of those things and want to keep my posts varied, but it’s hard, because at the same time I feel like it’s not specific enough. There’s nothing ‘stand out’ about it and I think that needs to change in 2018.

So I guess I need to know what people like reading? It’s the fitness posts that without a doubt get the highest view count, but I feel like the travel stuff would be more interesting. I really don’t know what direction to push this little website in — so please comment below or let me know what you want to read on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I’ve got plenty of time this week to plan posts, so speak now or forever hold your peace…

On that note, it’s time to switch off from blogging and work and enjoy the next couple of days with family, my little furbaby and endless helpings of mince pies, Treeselets, cranberry cheese and Prosecco. Merry Christmas! x


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