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Although the Bloggers Ball event in London was weeks ago now, I only got around to sorting through the bits and bobs I bought home with me last weekend. I don’t know how my weekends become so busy week after week, but every single one seems to slip away from me. Sadly housework, food shopping and dull ‘adult’ errands play a pretty big part in this!

With a ton of brands at the event handing out freebie followed by freebie, I was lucky enough to find myself buried beneath a fair few bags by the time I hopped on the train home, so I decided to pick out a few of my favourite pieces for this blog post. Following this post, at some point there will also be two or three other posts giving you the lowdown on a few of the other products that I picked up whilst I was there.

Let’s start with a beauty goodie bag I picked up. Just as I was leaving I had a quick browse over at the Just Beauty stand, where I was handed a white gift bag filled with beauty products that seemed right up my street. Once I had a chance to delve in, I found three nail polishes from Orly and BlueSky, and a glass Mylee nail file. Although I wear Calgel on my fingernails, my toenails are always painted and filed, so the pink and purple polishes are perfect for these warm July days, with a clear topcoat to set the paint in place. And of course, a nail file is always necessary!

Also in this bag was a Lime Twist Carmex lip balm. Lip balms are my thing right now, and the stronger the flavour the better. What I love about this one, aside from the taste, is the fact it leaves a beautiful, glossy, untinted shine on my lips. I only tend to wear lipsticks if I’m going out for the evening, so I always make sure I have at least one lip balm in my handbag for when I’m at work or out and about at the weekend. Aside from those beauty must haves, I also managed to get my hands on three neon pink Invisibobble hair ties, which I’d been dying to try for ages. My mop of hair has stretched them though unfortunately, so I didn’t bother to photograph those, though I do still use them every night when I go to bed so that I wake up with kink-free hair.

Jumping back to lip products, I also managed to pick up two gorgeous Rimmel lipsticks in Heather Shimmer 066 and Nude Pink 206 from a different stand. Unfortunately I can’t remember which brand were handing these out as after two wines and two hours of shuffling around a dark, busy venue, I began to lose track of where I went, what I looked at and who I spoke to. So anyway, thank you to the brand who supplied these, because they’re stunning shades and have the perfect summer hues to them. They will definitely be coming to Greece with me!

Thanks to the generosity of the brands showcasing their products at the event, I’ve managed to sample some real winners in the beauty department lately. Stay tuned to see what else I picked up, all to be revealed over the coming weeks!


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