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Having had long hair for most of my childhood and teenage years, it went without saying that I had to spend a fair amount of time treating it and keeping it in tact. When I say long, I meant practically down to my butt. I ended up cutting seven inches off it last year as it began to split and break at the ends, to the point where it looked like a bad set of extensions, but although it looked and felt far nicer after being cut I instantly missed the length! Seven months on and it’s finally getting some of its length back, though again it’s starting to fray a little. I try to avoid using hairdryers too often purely because it takes about half an hour to dry, and I only use straighteners on it every two days (if that), but it still takes its toll and leave the ends looking worse for wear.

I’ve sampled countless products on my long brunette locks, but nothing beats Moroccanoil Treatment. Although my hair still needs to be cut from time to time, the oil’s transportation of lost proteins for strength, fatty acids, omega-3 oils, vitamins for shine and antioxidants for protection leaves my hair feeling pretty luxurious to say the least. Not only does it create the most incredible shine and speed up drying time (which is very useful for when I’m either using or avoiding the dreaded hairdryer), it also leaves my hair smelling incredible to the point where even my boyfriend mentioned how good it smelt. If boys notice things like that, the product is a winner!

Having tried several cheaper versions of Moroccanoil Treatment, I’m forever finding that no product beats this one. Despite being slightly more expensive than some alternatives at around £30, it’s worth every penny, and given the fact you only need to use a tiny amount each time, it honestly lasts for way longer than you’d expect it to. Aside from the oil itself, I also adore the packaging. The glass bottle is beautifully complemented by the turquoise blue labelling, an attractive product always instantly gains my attention! I have a feeling several other products from Moroccanoil will be going on this year’s Christmas list…


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