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After our short but sweet afternoon exploring Zurich, it was time to head to Neunkirch to meet Darryl’s Uncle, Chris, and his partner Monica, who kindly let us spend four nights with them so that we could see more of the family and explore a couple of other areas in the north of Switzerland during our six day trip.

On the Tuesday evening we took the train from Zurich HB to Eglisau which cost between £25-30 for the two us, which I though was pretty good considering it’s the equivalent of a fast train from London to Milton Keynes. Their trains, by the way, are amazing. Not only are they double-decker style, but they are absolutely immaculate and unbelievably efficient. A bit different to UK trains, put it that way.

To say we were in a stupid mood when we arrived is an understatement as we practically fell off the train in hysterics over a suitcase mishap, realising a little too late that we’d actually walked straight passed Chris and Monica who were stood on the platform. The fact that this is allowed in Switzerland is mad as, from my experience at British train stations, this is definitely not allowed.

Their house was so, so gorgeous and to be able to stay somewhere in a great location with the added bonus of spending time with them was perfect. We only had three full days there, two of which were spent in other tourist hot spots nearby, so we spent our last day exploring the town of Neunkirch itself, discovering quaint churches, hidden streets, and endless rolling corn fields.

Next stop, Schaffhausen.


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