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Given the fact I’m quite fussy about what I put on my face after years of trial and error with various brands, building the contents of my makeup bag isn’t necessarily the quickest of tasks. Though in the past year I’ve started to discover what works well for me, and at present my two ‘go to’ makeup brands are MAC and Benefit, as between them they somehow make it all work.

As you may have read in my What’s In My Makeup Bag post, I use foundation and concealer from Benefit. I used to use the MAC ones, but I found that they made my face quite oily and was overjoyed when I discovered Benefit’s lightweight and durable face products. During my in store consultation last summer, the beautician also used their bestselling POREfessional Primer on my skin which unfortunately I couldn’t afford at the time. After having loved the results from using a little sample pot that I’d been given I knew I’d love this product for a long time and it instantly went on my Christmas list!

Mascara also used to be a huge issue for me, to the point where I started getting individual lashes to avoid using it. I’d heard wonderful things about Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara and was itching to try it, so when I received this product on Christmas day I was overjoyed! I love how it makes my lashes look and I certainly don’t feel the need to get false lashes anymore (plus they hurt my eyes a hell of a lot). Although it’s not the cheapest mascara, it’s a lot cheaper to buy this every few months rather than pay £20-40 every month on lash extensions.

Although I don’t love MAC’s foundation and concealers, that doesn’t reflect on their other products… in particular their lipsticks. Not only are there gazillions of gorgeous shades to choose from, but the texture of the lipsticks seem to glide on effortlessly and last longer than any other brand I’ve tried. Here I have See Sheer, a gorgeous dark pink shade and Chili, a bright and vibrant red. I didn’t used to wear lipsticks too often, but since I’ve added these to my slowly expanding collection I can’t help but mix up my daily makeup routine with a splash of colour.

What is your favourite MAC lipstick?



  1. January 18, 2015 / 6:36 PM

    I love See Sheer, it’s one of my faves! Chili looks like a lovely shade too. Really want Porefessional in my life!! x

    • January 18, 2015 / 6:38 PM

      Mine too! I’m tempted to try some more nude shades for spring. Porefessional is incredible, it smells good too which is an added bonus!! X

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