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When I went to the Clothes Show Live on December 6th, I visited the Nip & Fab stand, the brand that Millie Mackintosh is an ambassador for. They had the most incredible deal where you could buy one of two gift bag options containing four full sized products for only £10. I’ve heard incredible things about the Nip & Fab range, so naturally I took advantage of this amazing offer and chose the gift bag that contained a more varied range of products.

Their Energy Boost Body Wash was included, and with the key ingredients being coconut oil, lemon, grapefruit and sweet mandarin, it instantly screams a refreshing and revitalising combination. I think I may have found my new favourite body wash! I shower religiously every morning, leaving baths for the evening, so waking up to the zesty sweet scent of this product couldn’t be more perfect.

Next we have their Post Workout Fix, Topical Cooling Muscle Gel. This cute little product is described as being packed with anti-inflammatory and soothing ingredients including menthyl lactate and camphor, which allows your skin to be cooled, refreshed and revived after any grueling workout session. I haven’t had the opportunity to try this one yet but I’ve decided to take up running (properly this time) and in the past I’ve often suffered with painful shins, so I’m hopeful that this gel will aid my aching legs allowing me to recover quicker.

This one for me is a life saver… introducing their Dry Leg Fix. My legs have always been crazily dry and scaly, to the point where I have previously looked as though I’m part reptile. This product contains aquaxyl for 24 hour moisture and shine, shea butter to restore moisture and elasticity, and glycerin to soften and hydrate. No matter what I put on my legs (and I’ve tried many products) nothing solved my dry skin issue, until now. I haven’t had a chance to give this too much testing, but I’ve been using it for the past few days and so far… so good!

Last but not least I have the well known tanning gel that is 365 Body Glow Fix in Medium (I couldn’t find this one on their UK site, but it is available in Boots, as are many of their products!). I am yet to give this a go as I want to use up my St Tropez tanning mousse before it goes yucky, but I have high hopes for this tanning gel! It smells beautiful too, which is always a good sign. I’m keen to find out if it has that biscuit tin smell we’re all familiar with in tanning products, I’m hoping that if it does it isn’t too intense.

Not only are these lotions and potions excellent products on the market, but I also adore their packaging. Based on previous experiences, seeing a beauty product in fresh, pretty and simplistic bottle or tube is a sign of fantastic find. I’m excited to delve further into Nip & Fab’s range in 2015!


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