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Does swapping the jeans for pajama bottoms as you literally roll from room to room after pigging out sound familiar? That, my friends, is what can only described as the beginnings of a carb induced coma. As I said in my Food Talk: Finding The Balance post, I allow myself one cheat meal per week which I tend to have on a Sunday. Usually my cheat meals come it at around 2,000 – 2,500 calories, so in other words they’re not too horrendous, but my cheat meal a couple of weekends back was taken to another level and in the space of a couple of hours I had devoured pizza, garlic bread, diet coke, ice cream and chocolate. To the average reader that might sound wonderful, it did to me to before I ate it – but after, I began wondering what the hell I was thinking. So how do you go about detoxing, in the healthy way, after over eating?


I cannot stress enough how important it is to drink water, regardless of if you’ve over-indulged or not. It’s something I don’t do enough of, but after a heavy cheat meal I try to start the following day with 500ml during my workout and then a further 1-2 litres throughout the day. Water flushes out your toxins and helps with unwanted water retention, making it a vital part of your post binge detox.

Work it off

Your best bet is to get up the next morning and sweat it out. You might feel sluggish and perhaps even still full to the brim, but it’s going to be worth it – trust me. I set my alarm for 6.30am on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning and either head out for a 20 minute HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) run followed by leg exercises, a solid 30 minute run, or I construct a 30 minute workout combining my favourite cardio and leg exercises. It’s never the longest workout in the world, but judging by the amount of sweat pouring off me by the end of it – I’m pretty sure I’m doing something right.

Make tomorrow’s food choices good ones

Simples. Eat well the next day, and you’ll soon be feeling much better. Choosing food high in vitamins, water and antioxidants are your best bet! Hydrating your body through food is just as important as hydrating it through water, and this is something many people don’t realise. Just a tip though – you’ll probably be starving the day after, I usually am, so make sure your food choices are packed full of protein!

Get back on track, sharpish

Whether it’s creating a workout/clean eating plan, writing a list or Googling fitness info until your heart’s content – do whatever it takes to get your s*** together so you’re ready to get back in the game. For me, it’s coming up with a new fitness plan. I’ve don’t tend to alter mine too much, but little changes here and there every few weeks gives me that much needed boost of motivation. Writing down your personal targets and goals is also a great idea and really allows you to keep track of the changes in your weight, measurements, clothes, body shape – or whatever it is that you’re monitoring.

It’s incredibly easy to get caught up in this tornado of healthy eating and exercise, but once you find the “groove” – you’ll fit into it nicely. A year ago I would have had that cheat meal and continued it for weeks, maybe months, so the fact that I can jump back on the health wagon the next day is something I’m actually pretty proud of. Realising your achievements, big or small, will really help you in this process – mentally and physically! At the end of the day, one bad meal won’t affect your progress but continuous bad meals will. Coming to terms with what you can get away with and what will ultimately stop you in your tracks is by far the biggest learning curve in health and fitness.


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