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Fashion is a bizarre concept, yet I find it so intriguing. How can something so vast determine someone’s happiness in such a way? Everyone picks their own style (give or take a few changes over the years) based on how it makes them feel, yet because of  negative comments being fired out all over social media (alongside what the media portrays), a large majority of us are all secretly terrified of what people are thinking about our outfit choice that day, especially those of us who risk throwing it out there on the internet. I know I fall into that category.

Here I am, in this skirt I paid £6 for. To some that’s a bargain, to others it’s money that should have been put towards a jaw dropping-ly expensive alternative. As much as I’d like to splash the cash on designer pieces, with a month of travelling and a shiny new flat for Darryl and I on the horizon, I can barely afford Topshop. When I picked up this skirt, I instantly panicked. What would people think of me blogging about something so cheap? What would they think of me wearing something pretty and girly for a change? As I headed towards the till I realised that it shouldn’t matter what people think towards my personal choices, whether it’s fashion, beauty, fitness, career or anything that life throws at us.

I recently read this in a post by Brooke Saward: “’Perfect’ is different to everyone. What you might perceive as perfect may be a complete abstract to somebody else – you can never actually achieve ‘perfect’ in a literal sense. So why chase it?” That single sentence made me see that I’ve already wasted far too much time worrying. One thing I need to remember is that for every one person who dislikes my choices, there are probably two people that understand them. Perception is everything. With that in mind, my blog instantly allows me to be the best version of myself. So now, I’m just going to flit around in my affordable and girly skirt without a care in the world.



Shoes – Deichmann | Top – Primark | Skirt – Primark  | Bag – Zara (sold out – similar from ASOS)


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