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Up until recently, I wrongly assumed that protein powder was purely for the daily gym goers that wanted to build an extortionate amount of muscle. It wasn’t until I did a little research that I actually came to realise that there were countless forms of protein, each suited to different aspects of health and fitness.

After speaking to a few health and food bloggers about which protein they used, PhD seemed like the winning brand. I instantly went out and bought their Diet Whey in the Cherry Bakewell flavour – with Cherry Bakewells being my all time favourite cake, it would’ve been rude not try it. Every day since having bought it, I’ve enjoyed the protein powder with 200ml unsweetened almond milk, which is an incredible combo if you weren’t aware! Try it, seriously.

I’m now eating at a calorie maintenance level as I don’t want to lose anymore weight, but getting up to 1800 calories a day when choosing healthy options can be tricky, so adding this protein shake into my diet has helped massively in terms of adding calories and keeping me fuller for longer. Over time, I hope the Diet Whey shows some successful results. I’m already thinking about which flavour to buy next, and the Chocolate Peanut one is calling my name, mmm…


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