How are we already in April? It’s mad how quickly this year is going! April is one of my favourite months of the year because the end of March sees the start of spring. The weather is warming up and actually hit twenty degrees on Thursday, the evenings are so much lighter, and everywhere is either covered with blossom or daffodils. Better still, it’s almost Easter. As a self-confessed raging chocoholic, Easter is always a big event. I went a bit cray in Tesco the other day and stocked up on tons of Easter treats whilst they were on offer. Secretly hoping I’m not the only person who does this.

So, today’s post is a bit different! I’m undecided as to whether this will become a monthly thing or remain as a one off, but I wanted to talk about my goals, aspirations, plans, ideas, etc., for the month ahead. I like to be accountable for things and as much as I love a list, blogging is more fun, so I figured why not stick it all on here for everyone to see.


April means that our holiday is officially only three months’ away – *screams* – so as I mentioned in my last post, it’s time to up my gym game. I’m going to continue with four workouts per week, training on a Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, but what I do from now on is going to be way more intense. You can read more about this in my latest fitness post, but to sum it up, there’s going to be plenty of weight lifting paired with HIIT. So what exactly do I want to achieve by the time May rolls around? I want to lift heavier generally, but more specifically, I want to be able to squat 40kg for 3 x 10 reps. I can just about do it now, but only for 1 x 10 reps, so there’s progress to be made. I weigh 54kg, so knowing that I’d be close to squatting my body weight is pretty exciting – for a fitness enthusiast, anyway. To everyone else, that probably sounds really lame.


As you’ll know if you read my post on the troubles I face when it comes to nutrition, dieting, and general food consumption, things have been pretty tough for me lately. In fact, this entire week has been particularly bad. I’ve been counting calories again and that feeling of negativity towards being restrictive has crept back, and I’ve found myself eating way more than I needed to. It’s a vicious circle. I eat too much, I get sad, I eat more. A lot of people don’t eat when they’re sad. Me? I eat enough for me, you and your family. So, my primary April nutrition goal is to try and steer away from MyFitnessPal and eat intuitively, while allowing for those occasional treats. I’ve been anxious about Easter because I usually turn into a total pig and eat until I can’t move. This year, however, I want to moderate my chocolate consumption so I can enjoy it – rather than regret it. I eat well 90% of the time and workout often, so why shouldn’t I have my annual supply of mini eggs, Easter eggs, hot cross buns and Easter nest cakes? It’s better than Christmas food in my opinion, so I’m damn well going to embrace it.


I have so many posts that I want to share in April! For once I have plenty of content stacked up, so I want to try and get back to two posts per week. Work has got busier and quite frankly I’m exhausted half the time from my 5.45am starts, but the lighter evenings and warmer weekends are going to make blogging so much easier for the next six months’ or so. You don’t understand how much a blogger loves a light evening. In spring and summer I can take photos any day of the week, whereas in autumn and winter, I only have weekends to get my photos done. Logistical nightmare. So what am I going to blog about? I might not be qualified in exercise or nutrition, as much as I’d love to be, but sharing posts on these two topics seems to be getting a great response, so I want to do plenty more of that. On that note, if there’s anything you want me to cover, please request it!


Recently I’ve found that I’ve been missing out on the best things in life and neglecting the things I care about, all because I’ve been getting wrapped up in emotions or feeling the need to ‘document’ everything instead of just enjoying the moment. This month, I want to live a bit more. I want to spend more quality time with Darryl, I want to put my phone down more, and I want to make the most of the beautiful place I live in – whether that be a day out or simply a walk – because far too often I find I’ve let the day slip away to excessive housework, lazing about or generally just faffing with zero levels of productivity.

Yay for fresh goals! My positivity is standing strong right now and I’ve got to say, it feels good. Now to celebrate the new month, I’m going to eat my body weight in pizza and drink a bottle of prosecco… ha, yeah right, April Fools! In reality I’m going to make a healthy burrito and plan tomorrow’s gym session. Who even am I?


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