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If you read my blog you’ll be well aware of my candle obsession. If not, just to give you an idea, I currently own sixteen different candles – and that’s not including my endless scented tealights. They’re just the nicest addition to a home environment that are great for both cosy nights in, and for when you have guests over.

The holy grail of candles, for me, are ones from The White Company. Up until Christmas I’d never owned one, but I’ve basically lost count of the amount of times I’d be walking past the store and within a split second find myself speeding towards the entrance with a signing Darryl in tow.

I could buy any candle from The White Company without knowing the scent and love it, but there are a select few that I just adore – one of them being Pomegranate. When I first saw this in the shop I wondered what on earth it’d smell like, as whilst I used to eat pomegranate a lot as a child, I have pretty much no recollection of the scent of the bizarre fruit. Fortunately, The White Company have got the perfect balance of subtle and noticeable, as the fruity, sweet smell of this Pomegranate, Mandarin and Amber candle is to die for. To put it into perspective, if this was a perfume, I’d buy it.

Scent aside, how gorgeous is the packaging? Now I love a Yankee Candle, but it’s not quite The White Company in terms of presentation. The fresh, white look they give their candles is so simple and classy. The candle lid that you may have noticed was actually bought separately and is possibly something I wouldn’t have thought about if I’d bought it, but I think it really finishes the candle off nicely! I am absolutely obsessed with anything white, grey and chrome right now as we’re currently in the process of kitting out our new home, so this candle and lid will fit perfectly alongside the other elements of the apartment and our chosen decor. Though I must admit, I’d anxious to light it as it’s just too pretty!

Opening this up on Christmas morning was just the best surprise, so thank you mum for that! I was actually fortunate enough to receive another one from a friend for my Birthday which will be appearing on my blog within the coming weeks – so keep checking back to see which scent that one is!


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