Confidence isn’t something that comes naturally to me, it never has. Whether it was speaking out in class at school, going for job interviews or even being sociable at an event, I wasn’t confident in my abilities, and so always came across as the shy girl in the corner. I don’t know why I’m speaking in past tense because to some extent I still lack even basic self-esteem, but over the past five years a number of factors have contributed to the growth and development of my confidence, which has completely changed me as a person.

Working to build a career

Of course, quite a major one. I have had four ‘real’ jobs in total, each extremely different, allowing me to grow and expand on numerous skills which prior to starting work, I didn’t have. Working in retail gave me the confidence to communicate with people face to face, working in HR as an apprentice gave me the confidence to handle important tasks, working as a Receptionist gave me the confidence to talk over the phone and learn to think on my feet, and working as a Content Executive has given me the confidence to be creative, be proactive in engaging with an extensive audience and contribute significantly to the growth of a brand’s social presence. This last job was a total leap into the ocean for me, but after one year I am over the moon to have been made a permanent member of the team, giving me that extra bit of confidence in my abilities which, a year ago, I would have doubted.

Two years of blogging

This blog. It’s ironic really as blogging is quite a discreet hobby with everything done behind the safety of a computer screen, but this era of blogging involves getting stuck into the social side of things, with meet ups and brand events taking place numerous times a year. Additionally, the friends you make are a huge factor in this. I’ve made a number of close friends through blogging and even feel happy to grab a coffee with them without any hesitation, something of which I never would have done back when my blog initially began.

My partner in crime

In my five years with Darryl he has constantly pushed and encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone in order to achieve bigger and better things. Nine times out of ten, because he can’t always be right, his wise words of wisdom proved to be true. I try to thank him regularly for his confidence in me, because I’d never be where I am without him.

Loved ones near & far

My life has been full of ups and downs, but at the end of the day, no matter what the situation, my family have been so incredibly supportive of everything and anything I’ve wanted to do. Having my mum’s, my dad’s and my stepmum Amy’s family behind me for my twenty-one (almost two) years of existence, so far, is something I’ll always be grateful for. A huge part of my confidence in life comes from the support of those around me.

So no, I won’t be the one to start a conversation if I barely know you, I won’t be the one to pour my heart and soul into a concept without any fear or hesitation, and I definitely won’t be that girl who doesn’t give two hoots if people stare judgmentally when I’m trying to get blog photos, but if I can mature and flourish as much as I have in the past five years, over the course of the next five years, then who knows where I’ll be and what I’ll be doing?

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