Change isn’t something I usually look forward to, but when it comes to my makeup collection I always like to mix it up – more often than probably necessary.  With new products and brands constantly evolving it’s hard not to run to Boots, fill up your basket and beg the cashier to use every last point on that damn card, but that aside, sometimes there’s no better feeling than to spruce up your look, alter things about a bit and find new ways of doing your makeup, hair, nails, and so on, all for no reason other than a bit of overdue TLC.

Putting the Magic Back Into Makeup  3

I’m a sucker for the Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation, and in all honesty it still sits up there as my number one, but after reading post after post and copious amounts of tweets about the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation, I made sure that my recent trip to Selfridges included a purchase of the golden wonder itself.

“Flawless, Poreless Long-Lasting Coverage with SPF15. Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Foundation is a miracle in a bottle that transforms skin for all ages, skin tones and skin types…”

Putting the Magic Back Into Makeup  1 Putting the Magic Back Into Makeup

Having three shades that work with your skin tone would make the buying process far easier, you would think, but for me this only made it more difficult. Retailing at £29.50 this isn’t a product I could afford to snap up on a whim and hope for the best, so making sure I bought the right colour for my skin tone was paramount. I ended up opting for shade #4, which is a perfect blend of neutral, sand and camel tones, with an additional hint of rose to fuse some warmth into my typically pale, English skin.

Although the level of coverage is a fraction thinner than Double Wear, it’s perfectly buildable, which is actually ideal for when you want a more subtle look during the summer months. If I manage to get the base, application and finish of the look bang on, then this foundation really does surpass the majority of what I’ve tried and tested over the years. First impressions of the Charlotte Tilbury collection are a strong 10/10!

Putting the Magic Back Into Makeup  2


Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation


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