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A couple of weekends back, Manchester hosted the popular blogging event ‘Blog On’, allowing numerous bloggers and businesses to network, discuss ideas and share experiences. The Managing Director of where I work and his wife, Ken and Sarah, attended the event in order to host the raffle, lucky dip and tombola to raise money for their wonderful charity known as Supershoes. A tremendous £800 was raised from the event, which is absolutely fantastic for the charity. Having chatted with Ken about my blog numerous time in the past, whilst he was there he kindly managed to pick me up a QVS goodie bag for me to review – much to my delight!

I haven’t previously tried any of their brushes or nail files, but having been using them for the past couple of weeks I’ve discovered just how much I love them. I’m a sucker for a soft makeup brush, and these ones certainly tick that box. Not only that, but in comparison to brushes I’ve tested in the past – these ones feel sturdy and that they could last a lifetime.

One makeup bag tool I don’t use enough is an eyeshadow brush. I stopped wearing eyeshadow a while ago as I sucked at applying it, which resulted in me hating how I looked with it on. Though, with this little brush as part of my kit, I can say goodbye to unintentional smudges that resemble a black eye, and hello to neat and subtle blending! Result.

Another brush that I love is the eyebrow one. Up until a year or so ago, I took no care of my brows whatsoever, but since the world of fashion declared them a vital element of your beauty regime, I now don’t go out without grooming them one way or another – so this brush is perfect for keeping them neat and tidy whilst on the go.

Nails are also a large part of my life. I always either have them painted or I have a gel manicure, so keeping an emergency nail file (or two!) in my bag is key – just in case I break one. Which is likely with me being a total clutz.

Thank you to Ken for snapping up these great products for me, I’m always on the hunt for new products and QVS have not disappointed! Hopefully in the near future I’ll be able to attend a Blog On event myself so I can get to know some of you lovely fellow bloggers out there.



Find out more about Supershoes here.


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