Slowly but surely, everyone is beginning to slip out of holiday mode and straight into “I’m ready for Christmas” mode. There’s something about the chilly weather, the gorgeous fashion and the return of the seasonal food and drinks that just makes the colder months so wonderful. I went shopping the other day to find stores all across Milton Keynes full to the brim with faux fur lined coats and tartan scarfs, not to mention the walls of Christmas cards that are now being proudly displayed. It would appear that summer is very much over and done with, and despite the fact we’ve only actually had a week’s worth of “proper” summer weather aside – I’m so ready to welcome autumn with open arms, and it’s not just because Pumpkin Spiced Lattes in funky cups are back on the Starbucks menu (it kinda is though).

Though it’s funny, whilst we’re all over here yearning for what autumn and winter has to offer – my Instagram feed is full of snapshots from people over 9,000 miles away who are desperate for their upcoming summer. And soon, I’ll be one of them. Autumn to me usually means going for a walks dressed in cosy layers, followed by spending the afternoon snuggled under a fluffy blanket at home with a coffee in hand. But this year I’ll be spending 28 days of autumn in a bikini on white sand beaches, which means between now and October 31st – I’m going to have to go all out with my usual autumn traditions in order to make the most of it, because when our plane lands back at Heathrow Airport, we’ll only have 26 days until Christmas Eve is upon us. That means 26 days to move into our apartment, settle back into work, do all of our Christmas shopping, decorate our apartment for Christmas – and then finally, relax.

Going from a month or so of autumn weather, to a month of a tropical summer, and then straight back into a British winter will no doubt play havoc on my body – but what a way to end what’s been a fantastic year so far. I jumped into 2015 wanting to achieve four things, 1. to book an amazing holiday, 2. get a new car, 3. buy a home with Darryl and 4. secure a new job – the latter being something that I’ve just achieved this week, meaning I’ve officially completed all four of my 2015 goals. I currently feel like the luckiest girl in the world, and I can’t thank those close to me enough for being so supportive throughout it all.

These final three and a half months of 2015 are going to absolutely fly by, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Roll on the exciting times ahead. First stop – new job/autumn.


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