I am one hundred percent that person who looks forward to airport trips just because of the shops and restaurants inside, specifically the Victoria’s Secret store at Luton Airport. Have I ever bought anything from there? No. But do I go in there every single time just to pick up every stupidly overpriced passport holder, and spray every sparkly perfume in sight? Yes, guilty. I guess I’m secretly hoping that one day I’ll spray the perfume and boom, I’m Adriana Lima.

Needless to say, receiving this perfume for Christmas was a really lovely surprise. I’ve never owned a VS perfume before, which I guess is weird considering I love to go in and test every single one, but I suppose buying myself a perfume isn’t something I’ve ever really done. Not for any particular reason, I suppose I just seem them as something quite special, and buying one on an average shopping trip would take the fun out of it.

The scent is amazing, obviously, but I’m also massively in love with the bottle of the Sheer Love eau de toilette. I don’t want it to ever run out! That said, I suppose that’s a great excuse for me to stock up when we go to Mexico in July. And if Heathrow Airport doesn’t have a VS store? Well then I guess that’s a great excuse to book another holiday so I can shuffle excitedly around another airport while Darryl follows behind expressing that “are you sure you should be buying that” look. That seems like the logical solution to me.


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