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I remember the day I got my first “proper” watch. I had just got my first job working part-time at Next and with all of the hectic shifts ahead of me, I knew a watch would be a good investment. It was a small, gold metal design by Mantaray from Debenhams and I absolutely loved it, but soon enough I found myself eyeing up bigger, glitzier ones with of course – a much higher price tag. My second watch was a gorgeous Fossil rose gold one from my parents for my Birthday a few years back, I still love it to this day, but whilst abroad last year I said to Darryl how much I’d love to begin collecting watches over time so that I could match them to particular outfits.

Believe it or not girls, apparently boys do listen, because on Christmas morning I opened this beauty from Klarf. I’d spotted this watch on Instagram back in November and hadn’t stopped thinking about it since. For my Birthday in 2014 Darryl bought me my Tiffany pendant, and I’d desperately wanted a silver watch ever since so that I could match my jewellery perfectly.

The stainless steel mesh design of this watch features an eggshell white dial, making it so stunningly simplistic. What’s also great is its versatile style, as I can quite literally wear it just about anywhere and wear it with just about anything. Paired with the right outfit, this watch can go from a luxury smart/casual design, to a breathtakingly gorgeous piece in an instant. And the best bit? The price. Believe it or not, this watch is an absolute bargain at just under £80.

As if this wasn’t enough, I was actually lucky enough to receive another watch for my Birthday which will also feature on my blog at some point, so keep your eyes peeled for that! What I did to deserve this man in my life I don’t know, but I’m thinking he’s a keeper…

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