As recipes go this is as basic as it gets, and by all means adjust the ingredients to suit you, but seeing as trail mix is something which features in my diet from time to time I figured I’d dedicate a post to it. Snacking on fruit, yoghurt and rice cakes is fine by me because they’re foods I genuinely enjoy eating, but that said, none of them are the most exciting snacks to look forward to when you’ve got a long day in the office ahead of you. It can be so tempting to run to the vending machine or the local shop and grab a chocolate bar or a sandwich, but those aren’t foods that are going to do your diet any favours, so when I’m looking for something sweet to pick away at as I’m working at my desk, trail mix is my number one choice. It’s not a low calorie option and it does contain a fair amount of sugar because of the dried fruits, but it’s packed full of healthy fats and is a great snack to have maybe once or twice a week.


One Serving

15g Almonds

15g Cashews

5g Walnuts

10g Pumpkin Seeds

10g Raisins

10g Cranberries

Optional: 10g Dark Chocolate Chips


1 Weigh out your individual ingredients

2 Combine together in a bowl and mix well

2 Separate into individual pots or store in a large sealed jar/container

It’s such an easy snack to prepare in bulk, but make sure you keep those portions down otherwise your snack will turn into a calorific meal! I’ve put the dark chocolate chips as optional because I never add these personally, mainly because I forget to buy them, but you could always chop up a couple of squares of dark chocolate and crumble that in instead. Next time I make a batch I’m going to use dark chocolate coated coconut chips (I always get mine from Primark!), and maybe even make another batch with popcorn. The recipes are limitless! What do you put in your trail mix?

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