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Summer is what’s on everyone’s mind right now, am I right? Winter is long forgotten judging by the amount of ‘hot dogs or legs’ and beach front snaps that are beginning to surface on my Twitter and Insta feeds. Admittedly I used to prefer winter, but the lack of snow – and cold weather in general – is slowly but surely making me crave those hot summer nights instead. Social media really is to blame for my sudden love of summer. Endless Tumblr pictures of white sands and glittering waters is too much to bare for someone, like myself, who lives smack in the middle on the English Countryside – with the nearest coastline being a couple of hours drive away. Don’t get me wrong, Buckinghamshire is beautiful – but it’s far from a Grecian beach.

Whilst summer in the UK isn’t fabulous (understatement of the year from an Aussie’s perspective I imagine), it still has the potential to get gorgeously hot – usually when I’m at work, but still, hot nonetheless. There’s something about the warmth, the light breeze and even the smell in the atmosphere that makes it such a beautiful season. A couple of weekends back the temperature soared for the first time this year, and I refused to spend another day sitting indoors thinking “next week it might be hotter, I’ll take advantage of it then” – so I got up, went shopping for work summer clothes – because I simply can’t take another day of peeling off black skin tight jeans after work – and then I spent the afternoon cycling around the beautiful lakes and woodland parks that lie within Milton Keynes, accompanied by nothing other than my boyfriend, a camera, and a deliciously healthy picnic.

For the first time in god knows how long, I allowed myself to appreciate simple things like the smell of the surrounding barbecues and fresh cut grass, whilst enjoying some technology free quality time with Darryl. But aside from the obvious, do you know what else was great? The fact that it took me all of about two minutes to throw on this basic pretty play-suit from last year’s New Look SS14 collection– as opposed to foraging for half an hour through the depths of my wardrobe in search of a woolly jumper, and god forbid even a coat.

Being able to feel the heat of the sun on my skin as I hurtled across the gravel on two wheels left me flooded with nostalgic memories from my childhood. For once I didn’t care about how I looked, or what would happen if it ended up pouring with rain resulting in a very drenched Katie. It’s positive mantras like that, that enable me to experience exciting new adventures – and sometimes even to rediscover old ones.

This summer, I’m going to wear what I want, do what I want – and glide into autumn having no regrets, and hopefully a cracking tan to prepare me for our travels in November. Who’s with me?


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