This wasn’t the post I had planned for today, but seeing as the sky dropped a ton of snow yesterday, my plans to go to a Christmas Market and get photos of cute stalls, overpriced mulled wine and gigantic Christmas trees were off the cards. Instead I tried to get decent photos in the snow but ended up looking like a drowned rat, unlike ‘those’ Insta bloggers who manage to look like they’re going out for night despite standing in the middle of a blizzard. Probably didn’t help that I used my Costa cup as a snow cone launcher and ended up covering myself in the process.

As much as I love snow I was a bit gutted that we couldn’t go to the Christmas Market. It’s so typical of the UK to treat the snow as if it’s a bloody apocalypse. We only need a few inches of it and the country completely shuts down. We could have attempted the drive, but being stuck in a car on the motorway for hours isn’t as fun as coming in from the snow and spending the afternoon under a blanket with an endless supply of mince pies and coffee.

Two days ago I wasn’t feeling remotely festive, but now I’m sat here post snow-day with yet another glass of mulled wine, surrounded by burning candles, flickering Christmas tree lights and the smell of The White Company ‘Winter’ fragrance oil and suddenly I’m 100% ready to embrace being an OTT level of festive. Admittedly I haven’t done any present wrapping or written any Christmas cards, but I have finished my shopping and bought allllll the Christmas food, so that’s something.

That said I should probably get a move on because there’s only nine more days before we’re off to Scotland for a pre-Christmas break at my dad and stepmum’s house. NINE DAYS. As soon as I get on that flight I’m going to be beside myself with excitement, because that’s when the holidays really begin. And this year is going to be another exciting one. Last year it was our first Christmas in this home, and this year we have Luna. After a year of being pet-less, having a little furbaby padding around on Christmas morning is honestly going to be the best thing. She might not be a human but it still feels like we’re a little family now.


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