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Prior to my twenties I’d never really been a huge wearer of jewellery, but opening a gift from Darryl on my 20th to find a Tiffany & Co Return to Tiffany™ Heart Tag Pendant inside was a feeling I’ll never forget. Despite being terrified to wear it for months as it’s the most valuable necklace I’ve ever owned, I eventually decided to brave it and it’s now worn as a staple part of my outfit more or less every day.

Since, it appears I’ve turned into a total magpie, because on my 21st I became the proud owner of the gorgeous Return to Tiffany™ Heart Tag Bracelet. My Dad and Stepmum, Amy, very kindly bought this for me as a special gift for a special Birthday, which was the sweetest thing! It is the perfect match for my necklace which gives any outfit, smart or casual, the most timeless, classic finish.

Aside from the bracelet itself, I just cannot get over how perfect the packaging is. That aqua box draped in white ribbon makes everything about Tiffany & Co all the more amazing, and that’s before you even open it to reveal what sits inside. It seems I most definitely now have a penchant for sterling silver jewellery, particularly as it matches my Klarf watch, so let’s just pray my debit card doesn’t “accidentally” set foot within a Tiffany & Co store any time soon…

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