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You may have seen a post a while back about my recent day trip to Copenhagen, Denmark. Cramming two car journeys, two flights, two train journeys and a hell of a lot of walking into a total of nineteen hours takes its toll on your body – so making sure you’re well equipped for the day ahead is vital.

Whilst I could go on and on about all the little products and bits of tech that could be useful whilst travelling, really you only need a few – and these bits are exactly what I took with me to Denmark.


I didn’t used to drink anywhere near enough, I’m talking maybe 500ml a day at a push – but having educated myself a little better on health, I’ve since learnt to drink water like there’s no tomorrow. In all fairness, I don’t actually drink tonnes of the stuff whilst travelling. I could drink one glass and I’d need to pee almost instantly, so drinking three litres or so whilst crammed tightly in a plane seat isn’t ideal. Instead, I do most of my drinking on dry land -unless of course my flight takes up the majority of the day. So having this little 500ml bottle was ideal to have whilst wandering around Copenhagen’s bustling streets between short flights.

Hand Sanitiser

Oh my god I cannot recommend that you have one of these enough. I found myself getting consistently ill from work, public transport and more commonly – the gym (it’s a gross place if you think about it). The last couple of times that my Dad and Step-mum, Amy, have been to America – they’ve bought me back a few of these sweet little anti-bacterial gels. Whilst you can obviously get similar ones in the UK, these Bath and Bodyworks ones are amazing as the scents are absolutely out of this world – as I mentioned in my May Favourites post, in case you haven’t seen it.


This doesn’t need much explaining really – there’s a chance of sun anywhere you go, and whilst Denmark didn’t scream ‘summer’ whilst we were there – the sun did shine, and these little Primark beauties definitely came in handy.

Lip Balm

For the last few weeks I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather – and that combined with Denmark’s windy conditions when we visited left me with horribly dry lips. I usually carry around 2-3 lip balms, just so that I’m never caught out when in need of a little moisture!

Passport & Documents

Pretty vital really, isn’t it? But I absolutely adore my passport case and travel wallet (almost definitely because they’re that ever recognisable Tiffany blue colour). I love being organised – potentially to the point where it gets weird – so having allocated compartments for my travel paperwork is fab.

Roll On Perfume

Sounds bizzare, but I kid you not – the scent from a roll on perfume seems to last waaay longer than a spray perfume. This cute Daisy perfume by Marc Jacobs is perfect for a midday touch up if you’ve been running around the airport like a mad thing – or simply want to smell good for that meeting or event happening later on in the day.


Again – quite obvious, but one of these larger purses with the designated sections inside is perfect for keeping your usual currency separate from your holiday currency.

Making sure your hand luggage is filled with these key items before your next trip away will certainly save any last minute airport buys or momentary panics!



Purse – River Island (sold out – similar here) | Lip Balm – Boots |Hand Sanitiser – Bath & Body Works (sold out – but loads more on their site to choose from!) | Perfume – Sephora | Sunglasses – Primark | Travel Document Wallet – (brand unknown – similar here)


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