What’s a Birthday without chocolate and bubbles, am I right? Hotel Chocolat has always been my favourite chocolate shop, and not just for their free samples that I often come across when I visit. Their chocolate is one hundred percent considered “treat” chocolate in my mind, no doubt because of its rich and unique flavours.

Being handed a huge Hotel Chocolat box wrapped in red ribbon on my 21st is the most amazing thing for a self-confessed chocoholic, but believe it or not there was actually no chocolate inside. After being inundated with every kind of chocolate on the planet over Christmas, Darryl had sweetly bought me the most gorgeous drinking chocolate and prosecco instead, which to be honest I didn’t realise they even sold (most likely because I was too busy eating the free samples).



As this is only a Christmas product, I’ve been saving it up for those cold and cosy nights where nothing can beat a piping hot mug of hot chocolate. To make this creamy drink even more incredible, they’ve added a generous hint of gingerbread, which is basically my favourite flavour in the entire world. Last Sunday evening I popped on my pjs and made this drink for the first time. I mixed it with a mug full of hot milk before using my electric whisk to blend each chocolate shaving to perfection, and well, to say it was to die for is an understatement. I’ve come to the conclusion that Christmas drinking chocolate simply cannot be beaten. I can’t wait to try more of their Christmas drinks at the end of the year!



Need I explain why this was a great gift? Prosecco is by far my top choice of alcoholic beverage at the moment, and has been for a fair while now. There’s just something about its gorgeous, frothy, fruity flavour that I absolutely love. I actually drank far too much of it at my 21st party and therefore decided to put myself on a prosecco ban for the past few weeks, so I’m yet to indulge in this bottle, but its been calling my name for a little while now! Its smaller size is ideal for a celebratory glass or two with a loved one or friend, so I’m very much looking forward to cracking this beauty open when Darryl and I get the keys to our new apartment at the end of this month. Cheers, in advance!


With Valentine’s Day looming, treats from Hotel Chocolat could be the perfect option! A simple gift bought with thought can go a long way in your loved one’s heart.

Slightly off topic, but I also managed to sneakily pick up a free bar of Hotel Chocolat chocolate last week thanks to O2 Priority. If you haven’t got the app and are on O2, I suggest you get downloading! Who could say no to free chocolate…

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