I have no reason to need to try vegan protein, given that I’m not vegan, but lately when I drink normal whey protein my body basically says “nope” and within thirty minutes I’m suddenly looking six months’ pregnant. When I tell people that they say “oh I’m sure it’s not that bad”, and then I show them a photo, and their face says it all. So no, I’m not kidding when I say that whey protein hates me.

There are plenty of protein options out there but pea protein is one that seemed to come up a lot in relation to people who similarly suffer with bloating issues. In particular, MissFits Nutrition. This is a brand which is pretty huge on Instragam as there are a ton of fitness/food bloggers who rave about their Multitasker sachets. So, I ordered myself a box of twelve which contains 3 x vanilla, 3 x chocolate, 3 x coffee and 3 x berry, so I could see what all the fuss was about. They’re not overly cheap at £18 for the box, not including postage, but then specialist products never are cheap right?

The ingredients

MissFits describe their protein powders as “Vegan, GMO free, Dairy free, Gluten free ― bursting with lean pea protein and crammed with essential nutrients”. These sachets are seriously lacking in the bad stuff and are packed full of the good stuff, which makes a change to some proteins that I’ve sampled in the past. Wondering what something bad looks like? Put it this way, if you can’t pronounce the ingredients then you might want to reconsider drinking/eating it. Too many chemicals and additives aren’t going to kill you (I’d hope not, anyway), but there are better options out there. One of my favourite nutritionists, Rhiannon Lambert, uses the MissFits sachets and she’s basically God in the world of food in my eyes, so I trust her when she says that these are a good choice.

The taste

Ok, if I’m completely honest pea protein isn’t the best tasting thing in the world. It’s drinkable, don’t get me wrong, but when you’re used to the sweetness of MyProtein Impact Whey, anything healthier (i.e. less tasty) is going to be a shock. That said, mixed with a banana and a splash of almond milk blended up into a smoothie, these sachets are amazing. The best bit? No bloat. None at all. And they fill me up just as much as whey protein does. My post-workout shake on Sunday was a frozen banana, soya milk and one of the coffee sachets, and it was the thickest, creamiest drink I’ve ever had. Already dying for another.

In summary, I would definitely re-purchase these! I’ll still have my MyProtein Impact Whey now and then, but I’ll probably break it up with this vegan blend to limit the pregnant-look. I heard that MissFits are also bringing out a new whey blend so I need to try that at some point too. Please tell me which other vegan proteins you love so I can go protein shopping again soon!


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