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At the end of April you may have seen a few excitable Tweets flying around about the fact that Darryl and I had bought our first place together. Time is racing by, and I can’t quite believe it’s only around three months until we move in. The tricky thing about it being a new build is that up until merely a few weeks before, we won’t know our exact moving in date – and even then it could change last minute. Though I guess it’s all part of the fun, right? When that day comes, it’s going to be full of countless and contradictory emotions. I love living at home, don’t get me wrong, but the time has come for us to take the leap into the unknown and begin the next chapter of our lives together.

With all of the tricky financial bits out of the way, it meant that yesterday we were finally able to choose our interior options. Eep! I’ve always had a soft spot for interior design, so to me this felt somewhat like a mini project. All of our walls will be painted white, so all we needed to do was select our bathroom tiles, kitchen work tops/units, and flooring throughout the apartment. Darryl and I already had a pretty good idea of what we wanted, but I won’t lie – seeing it all laid out on the floor in front of us was nerve wracking. I’m known for taking about a century to make a decision, and then usually regretting it anyway, so I had to be 100% sure I loved what we agreed to put in our home. To be honest, I’m amazed it only took us an hour to make all of our choices!

Everything we selected is fresh, modern and seriously blog friendly. Whilst it may sound sad, any blogger will be able to relate to the never ending struggle of trying to get a decent photo where there isn’t a white or plain coloured surface in sight – and with the white foam boards that I use for backgrounds now having teeny cat claw marks across them (thanks Leo), I think it’s fair to say I’m looking forward to having some shiny new “Instagram-able” locations dotted around the apartment for my blog post images.

I’m so so pleased with our choices and cannot wait until we can see the finished design in September! For the time being, I’ll just stare at the adorable little model village of our estate that the site office has created…


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