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Yesterday I hit the big two zero, scary stuff. I remember when it was my tenth Birthday and my Grandpa said to me ‘you’re in the double figures now’, where did those ten years go? As much as I’ve enjoyed being in my teens, I believe that bigger and better things will come in my twenties… I’ll let you know if that theory was correct in another ten years time.

I finished celebrating Christmas on Sunday afternoon, and then the next thing I know I’m out at club with friends getting a ‘Birthday shout out’ as soon as the clock hits midnight. Not a bad way to see in the big day! After a much needed sleep I was awoken with cards, gifts and a rather delicious glass of pink Cava. Every card’s touching message from my loved ones and the beautiful presents I received left me feeling so grateful, but one gift in particular stood out thanks to my wonderful boyfriend, Darryl. Inside a little turquoise blue bag, box and velvet pouch was the Tiffany necklace that I adored.

The first time I saw a Tiffany & Co store was in San Francisco about seven years ago, I didn’t go in but I remember thinking how incredible and enticing it looked from the outside, then a little while back I saw the recognizable ‘Return to Tiffany’ silver heart tag pendant online. I only briefly mentioned how pretty it was but clearly Darryl took note, much to my joy! Some might not understand my love for this particular brand of jewellery, but ever since I first heard of it I’ve been dying to own something from there and I know many girls who can relate! I had the best Birthday, thank you to everyone who made it so special.

Next up… 2015.


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