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Despite having been with Darryl for a long time now, we don’t massively celebrate Valentine’s Day. Don’t get me wrong, if we had oodles of money spare we’d use it as an excuse to go away for a few days, but whilst saving for a mortgage and a month of travelling, that just isn’t the case. Instead, ordering in some good food or glamming up a little for a restaurant trip is a perfect low budget option. What’s better than good company plus good food!?

For this year’s day of romance, I decided to make a chocolate fondue with strawberries and marshmallows, which was absolutely delicious. Usually when I attempt to make something food related, it goes totally wrong, so I was pleased that we were able to enjoy these sweet treats this afternoon. Later on tonight we’re heading out to an anonymous restaurant that Darryl’s kindly booked for us (though I’m ridiculously full still from my marshmallow overload – eek), so this afternoon I’m going to allow a little ‘me’ time and relax in a bubble bath with one of my new Lush bath products whilst having a glass of prosecco… or three.

I hope you’re all having a beautiful and love-filled Valentine’s Day. X



Heart Throb Bubble Bar | A French Kiss Bubble Bar


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