I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, but starting today I am going vegetarian for one week. Admittedly a week isn’t a huge commitment in the grand scheme of things, but it’s a start. Why am I doing this? Lately I’ve become conscious of how much meat I’m eating every day, and I whilst I don’t mind eating meat occasionally, I really feel as though I’m eating it out of a convenience a lot of the time. So seeing as it’s National Vegetarian Week this week, I thought hey ― why not give the veggie life a go?

Why I want to take part in NVW

My diet at the moment generally features at least two portions of meat per day, which is quite a lot considering I’m not actually that fussed by it. The reason I eat so much at the moment is to try and keep my protein levels up to support my gym training, because as you may or may not know it’s protein that helps to repair and build your muscles. What I didn’t realise is that aside from the obvious problem of harming animals and our environment, which are two things I’m not proud to contribute to, excessive meat consumption is said to potentially lead to health problems later in life. I don’t plan to go full on veggie because I do think that meat can also bring a number of positive health benefits to your body, but I’m hoping that this little seven day trial will help me see that there’s more to life than chicken, bacon and minced beef. Can you tell I’m not particularly versatile with my meats?

What am I going to eat?

After a bit of research I’ve found that there are so many protein-rich alternatives out there! Beans, pulses, eggs, tofu, grains, vegetables ― the list goes on ― so I highly doubt I’m going to go hungry by doing this challenge. I hope not anyway, because hangry Katie isn’t pretty. I think if anything it’ll be more of a mental thing, because realistically as long as I’m getting my protein sources elsewhere, I shouldn’t be any less full. I won’t lie, the thought of it is a bit daunting right now and after a last minute trip to Tesco to stock up on meat substitutes, I already have a lot of respect for full-time vegetarians. It’s probably easy for the pros, but not so much for us newbies! Anyway, a week is such a small portion of my life, I really don’t have anything to complain about. So let the challenge begin! If any veggies have any tips, please send them my way.


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