So, it appears I now experience wanderlust on a rather regular basis. Though to be fair, ever since I started visiting various points across the globe as a child, my desire to travel became stronger. But now I want to travel more than ever. I know it sounds cliché, but life really is too short to always back out of adventures. I ended 2014 feeling slightly disappointed with how the year had gone, so I began 2015 with a lot of determination and even before Big Ben struck at midnight on New Year’s Eve, I already had ideas spilling from my mind left right and centre.

In all honestly I do have a habit of becoming impulsive and suddenly I find myself surrounded by endless scribbly lists of what I want to achieve, how I’m going to do it and what the realistic outcome will be. Because of this, I’m regularly told that I’m a bit of a dreamer. Though, whilst that may be true, I don’t know that it’s necessarily a bad thing. I might appear to be more the ‘ideas girl’ rather than the ‘make it happen girl, but that is not the case. Already this year I’ve made some great things happen, so who is to say I can’t continue with this mind set and achieve my ultimate dreams?

For the last two years I’ve wanted to go somewhere new, even just for a week or two, so that I could experience something a little further afield. Last year I went to Ibiza, which don’t get me wrong was fantastic, but a week away in the sunny (yet actually cloudy due to my rather pitiful luck) Spanish island didn’t feel like it was the trip I’d been longing for, which is why this year, for me, is the year of all years. Leading me to the exciting news that Darryl and I have booked to go to Dubai, Australia and Bali over the course of November *screams with joy*. We have been saving for a place together, but we decided that doing a bit of traveling was important before we had too many commitments. If finances go to plan we will still get a place perhaps at the end of summer, but we aren’t banking on it just in case it doesn’t happen.

As desperate as we are to begin building our lives together in the form of a home, to us, traveling is also building our lives together. What better way to see the world than spending it with your best friend, partner in crime and better half? It’s a long way off, but excited is the understatement of the year. I’ve spent countless hours since having booked the flights on travel blogs and Trip Advisor (whilst making more lists) to make sure that we’re going to get the best out of our ‘expedition’, as I like to call it. Four weeks isn’t long to see three countries, granted, but with work commitments it’s all that is manageable. And who cares, we’re twenty years old and have the rest of our lives to see the world. Our aim is to continue to visit at least one new destination every year, even if it’s simply a weekend city break.

I am ecstatic to be heading to the other side of the world in nine whole months. I’ve had a few doubtful comments about the trip, which is fine as everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but we are certain that this is the right time for us to go and explore new cultures. I hope to be able to blog whilst I’m out there, but it might not be possible depending on which accommodation we choose etc. I’ll keep you posted on various preparation updates!

Is it too early to start packing…?




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Photo 1 – Dubai | Photo 2 – Dubai | Photo 3  – Sydney AUS| Photo 4 – Great Barrier Reef AUS | Photo 5 – Whitsundays AUS | Photo 6 – Fraser Island AUS | Photo 7 – Bali


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