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Weddings are so beautiful in so many ways, to the point where I’ve become utterly obsessed with them. The movies Bride Wars and Bridesmaids being two strong contenders for my top three favourites films. It’s something about seeing the beaming faces of the Bride and Groom, the chance to see all of those long distance relatives and the copious amounts of food and drink. I mean weddings really are the only other opportunity besides Birthday’s where consuming a horrendous amount of to die for cake is acceptable, right? Part of me has always wanted to work within the wedding industry, but for now that’ll remain as a potential ambition for the future.

Friday 17th October 2014 was the wedding of my cousin, Daniel and his newly wed wife, Melissa. It was such an incredible day, I’m soppy at the best of times but this tipped me over the edge. I’ve always seen my cousin as my brother, particularly after numerous family holiday’s on the British coast spending our days crab fishing and eating large jam and cream scones, merely a couple of all our wonderful memories. The announcement of the engagement was exciting in itself, let alone being asked to be a bridesmaid alongside Mel’s sister, Sarah. This is the fourth time I’ve been a bridesmaid now (seriously becoming a pro guys, available for bridesmaid hire) and I’m so honoured to have had these opportunities. They also kindly asked my boyfriend, Darryl, to act as the Usher and evening photographer to which he did an absolutely fantastic job. It was the perfect day for a couple who didn’t deserve any less, and I speak for everyone when I say that. I’m sad that it’s all over now, which one of my friends or relatives is next to get married then… hint hint!?

Congratulations and all the best, Daniel and Melissa xoxo


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