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My makeup bag used to be quite shameful, I’d buy the cheapest products without ever testing the colours against my skin tone, and unsurprisingly I’d end up looking like an oompa loompa. It wasn’t until I completed a makeup artistry course in 2011 that I began to realise the tricks of the trade.

During my course I learnt about period, special effects, fantasy, camouflage, media and high fashion makeup. Although I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the course, I was particularly drawn to the high fashion designs we worked on. There’s something incredibly glamorous about having well structured brows and a neat lip line, it’s nothing out of the ordinary or anything ‘fake’, it’s simply emphasizing a woman’s natural beauty.

Ever since I completed the course I’ve made sure that the products I use are the correct shades and tones, whilst choosing brands that promote their products for reasons that suit my general skin type. Ever since, I’ve had a far less messy complexion and my products have lasted twice as long, simply from following the ‘less is more’ concept. A good set of products go a long way, trust me, and you don’t have to pay a silly amount for them if you don’t need to. Obviously we’d all like top class makeup, however I’m more than happy with my low to mid range priced cosmetics. My desert island product is definitely foundation, I have an odd mixture of pale and blotchy red skin, so covering that at all costs is vital! Foundation, concealer and bronzer are the three products I prefer to pay more for.

If I have one message to put out there, it’s to advise you to choose products that will do your skin and general appearance nothing but favours. For example, when choosing eyeliner and eye shadow, you must consider your eye shape and colour. And when choosing foundation and concealer, don’t go for the colour you want your skin to be, select the colour that matches your natural overall skin colour. I could go on for days with tips and advice that I’ve picked up over the years, however these will no doubt be featured in future blog posts. If all else fails with picking the contents of your makeup bag, seek help. More often than not, staff members in stores like Debenhams, John Lewis and House of Fraser are completely passionate about beauty, and will go out of their way to partake in recreating your look.

Find the products I’ve shared with you below, and please tweet me at @katiejcollins if you have any questions or comments!

Brushes from Real Techniques | Boi-ing Concealer from Benefit Cosmetics | Big Easy Foundation from Benefit Cosmetics | Soft Kohl Sable Brown Liner from Rimmel at Superdrug | Black Liquid Liner from L’Oreal at Superdrug | Hoola Bronzer from Benefit Cosmetics | Blusher from Kryolan (no longer sold) | Lip Liner from Kryolan (no longer sold) | Eyelash Curler from Superdrug | Eyebrow Pencil from Rimmel at Superdrug | Colour Correcting Primer from Smashbox | Honey Lust Eyeshadow from MAC Cosmetics | Starry Lights Eyeshadow from No 7 at Boots | Naked 2 Eye Shadow Palette from Urban Decay | Pore Professional Primer Sample from Benefit Cosmetics | Prep and Prime Primer from MAC Cosmetics | Spice Lip Liner from Rimmel at Superdrug | Peach Sundae Lipstick from Topshop (no longer sold) | Shy Girl Lipstick from MAC Cosmetics | Leopard Print Wash Bag from Superdrug


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