“a strong desire to travel”

Where the Wanderlust Began

I know I’m not alone when I say that I am completely fascinated by travel, but every passion starts somewhere, so whilst I was in Switzerland a couple of weeks back I took some time out in the fresh Alpine air to reflect on why it is that I love nothing more than to hop on a plane and explore somewhere new, something of which I’m now lucky to be able to share with Darryl.

my travels so far

Having a family who brought me up to love travel and all it encompasses is something I am so thankful for. Because of this, so far in my life I’ve visited Dubai, Australia, Bali, America, Malaysia and a number of European countries, all of which are experiences I wouldn’t change for the world. If my parents had never left the country, being quite an easily influenced person, I feel like I might have followed in their footsteps and avoided venturing out of England. Since 2012, one year after we got together, Darryl and I have made sure that we travel to a minimum of one new country every year. When you’re young, care free and excited to make incredible memories together, jetting off abroad is the best thing in the world.

childhood memories

Something I used to adore doing as a child, strange as it may sound, is head to Heathrow with my parents to indulge a ‘car picnic’ while watching the planes fly in and out of the airport, wondering where they’d been and where they were going. Sausage roll and prawn cocktail crisps in hand – my ultimate car picnic choice every time – I’d just sit there and let my mind escape. If it wasn’t for a hectic lifestyle and the extortionate cost of fuel, I’d be dragging Darryl along with me to recreate this old habit, or better yet, I’d be taking my seat on one of the planes instead of watching it drift off into the sky.

influence from the online world

I watch a lot of movies, documentaries and TV shows based around travel, as well as reading the posts of multiple travel bloggers. These combined always make me want to pack up everything and go exploring, before I crash back down to earth with a bang and realise that I have work the following morning and a mortgage to pay at the end of the month. I can dream, right? Seeing blogger after blogger shoot off to the likes of Santorini and the Maldives with various brands and PR companies has me sitting there, ogling at their picture perfect photos, wishing I could ditch the 9-5 and pick up my passport as often as them. Let’s be honest, who isn’t tempted by that lifestyle? But in all honesty I often think, would I even want that? I’m loving sharing this home with Darryl, bills, housework and all, and I know that travelling five, six times a year would jeopardise that massively.

the feeling of escapism

When I’m abroad I forget my troubles and do exactly as I please, as most do. There’s no getting up for work at 6am, no housework, no set schedule or plan, and most definitely no stress. A holiday, even if its spent jumping between seriously low budget hostels with a rucksack full of creased, sun-cream splattered belongings, is a time to be yourself and go about the things you enjoy doing. If I want to spend one day trekking around the rice fields in Bali, sweating like a pig in a sauna, to then eat three rounds of the breakfast buffet and spend an entire day by the pool the following day, I bloody well will. A holiday is the ultimate ‘you time’, and sometimes its just what a couple or family needs when things at home begin to test your patience.


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