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As you’ll know if you read my post about The White Company’s Pomegranate Signature Candle, I’m pretty much obsessed with everything about their entire candle and diffuser range. Whilst it’s still to be used as I’m saving it for the new apartment (three days to go, eep!), its sweet, fruity fragrance is apparent without even unboxing it, which gives me seriously high hopes for its scent once lit.

Owning just one of these beauties was exciting enough, let alone now having a second one to my name. My lovely blogger friend, Sophia Meola, very kindly bought me the White Lavender Signature Candle for my 21st Birthday. I can’t get over how sweet that is! We’ve only met a couple of times but I’ve been completely spoiled. This genuinely is the most perfect, thoughtful, and yet completely unexpected gift!

Made with pure lavender and blended with elements of bright basil and Sicilian lemon, this candle’s scent is absolutely to-die-for. And needless to say, the packaging and design of the product is of course absolutely stunning. I cannot wait to find the perfect place within our apartment for this candle, along with my Pomegranate one. Our home will have no excuse for not smelling amazing at all times now!

Thank you again to Sophia! You can check out her incredible blog over at www.sophiameola.co.uk.


The White Company White Lavender Signature Candle


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