Recently I’ve been busier and more stressed than ever, with plenty of things thrown my way to test my patience. Firstly, the 90 Day SSS Plan. Yes this is completely self-inflicted, but it’s tough nevertheless, and if I’m not spending two hours food shopping, I’m spending hours in the kitchen batch cooking food for the week ahead. Secondly, being a home owner. As if housework wasn’t dull and time consuming enough, over the past few weeks we’ve faced the joys of a misbehaving boiler and turning the house inside out in a desperate attempt to find two very important documents. And then there’s life to deal with. Between various commitments and a hectic work schedule, come Sunday evenings, I felt like I couldn’t wait for the new week to begin. Of course there are people that have far more on than I do, but for someone who relies on a good night’s sleep, a calm, organised schedule and allocated relaxation time, it’s safe to say that I’ve lost the will a little bit lately. This weekend, however, I did things differently which has proven successful, so here are my top tips for when it comes to regaining that structure and normality back into your life.

Plan in advance

If there are friends and family to visit, a workout to squeeze in or an overdue trip to the shops, whatever it is, plan it. Make it fit seamlessly into your weekend so that you still have time for that unnecessarily long bubble bath, or that nice woodland walk in the sun. Weekends are supposed to be time for us Monday to Friday 9-5 workers to relax, refuel and get on top of our to do lists in a calm and organised manner.

Get the jobs done first

Whether this is Friday evening after work or a Saturday morning, getting the housework, food shopping and any other errands completed before Saturday lunchtime is something which I began doing this weekend, and is something I plan to do from now on. Yes it means sacrificing an extra hour or so in bed, but for somebody who doesn’t like to lie in too long, this doesn’t bother me too much. By doing this I then have from Saturday lunchtime right up until Sunday evening to do exactly as I please, which means plenty of time for unnecessarily long baths, reading, blogging and spending time friends and family.

Allocate time for a treat

Choose something you enjoy and consider a treat, and do it. For me this could be a date night, a face and hair mask, a shopping trip, reading a good book or even something as simple as breakfast in bed. We all need to chill out now and then, and if you can’t do this during the week or at the weekend, then when can you? A calm mind is a creative mind, as they say.

Be selfish

This won’t work in every circumstance of course, but sometimes it’s ok to say “no I can’t meet up today, sorry” or “can we reschedule?”. Looking after yourself is just as important as looking after those around you, and if that means clearing your diary to get your head straight, then so be it.

Split your weekend into two

Today is the first Sunday in weeks, months even, that I’ve had a relaxed morning. Last weekend finished on a stressful, unorganised note, which led me to think, what happened to frothy coffees in bed and TV/blanket marathons? Before moving out I used to spend every Sunday stressing about blogging, but now I look back, slobbing about in my comfy clothes surrounded by snacks and cushions was actually a blessing in disguise. My typical Sunday of late has consisted of bombing around Aldi, spending hours cooking, begrudgingly cleaning the apartment and, if I had time, getting on with some blog work – by which point I was tired, grumpy and far from productive. This weekend however I got everything done and dusted by 4pm on Saturday, leaving me with today, Sunday, to enjoy some much needed down time. From now on, Saturday’s are for productivity, and Sunday’s are for nothing other than pajamas and coffee.


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