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I love winter, and the fact that where I live actually got some snow this year is great, but I am so ready for summer in so many ways. Who’s with me on that? Firstly, summer means the evenings are lighter. That factor in itself is an absolute god send for bloggers like myself who are desperately trying to get photos in daylight, working full time only leaves me with Saturday and Sunday which isn’t ideal if I have a busy weekend planned!

Secondly, everyone and everything becomes more social in summer. Living near a beautiful lake, a pretty good pub and a load of countryside means going out and about with friends is more of a regular occurrence. Strolling down to the pub in the evening for some good food and an ice cold drink is absolute heaven, no? In winter, everyone hibernates, myself included. It’s way to cold to go anywhere, so I instantly resort to Netflix and a gazillion layers of cardigans and jumpers.

And lastly, the heat. Although England doesn’t get the hottest summers (though last year wasn’t too shabby!), a 20+ Celsius temperature is well needed after the long wet, windy and icy winter that hangs around for far too long. Scorching hot afternoons and pleasantly warm evening are beautiful, particularly for us bloggers again. I kid you not, after spending over an hour outside yesterday getting these photos in heels that I can’t walk in at the best of times, I could not move. I’m talking ‘not even able to turn the car ignition on’ sort of cold. I literally had to sit there with my hands under my butt to try and gain even an ounce of warmth before I could head home. My poor boyfriend, aka my trusty photographer, was not best pleased at the situation. So I think it’s fair to say, roll on summer…




Coat – Tesco (similar here) | Jumper – American Eagle (cropped version here) | Leggings – River Island | Heels – Deichmann | Bag – Fiorelli (similar here)

Lipstick – MAC ‘Chili’


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