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My undying love for Yankee Candles has been fueled by the gorgeous scents that filled my house growing up. So naturally, I’m now completely obsessed with them. When I was on a lower wage I couldn’t justify the price, however now that I’m earning a little more it is marginally acceptable to buy a few… dozen.

I began my collection by purchasing the Yankee Candle 5 Sampler Red Christmas Gift Set which includes Mandarin Cranberry, Christmas Cookie, Christmas Eve, Sugared Apple and Christmas Memories from eBay, costing £7.99. I also caved once more and bought Cinnamon Sticks a couple of days later! Although they’re small, they’re the perfect size to sit in a delicate line on my bedroom windowsill. I also bought a trio of really cute frosted glass candle holders at Frosts Garden Centre, from their Christmas decoration section (if you’re passing by you have to take a look at their seasonal department, it’s incredible), followed by two adorable grey candle holders in a tin lantern style with a heart shaped window from Dunelm Mill, I got them in the sale at 49p each so I’m thinking they’re now no longer available in stores, so I’m glad I got them when I did!

I know what you’re thinking, Christmas scented candles in October… really? Yes. Anyone who knows me well can tell you how utterly brainwashed I become from October 1st onwards. As I write this, I have Mandarin Cranberry and Sugared Apple lit, and oh my gosh they smell so good. You cannot beat Christmas, it won’t be long before I’m baking spiced cinnamon cookies and browsing tree decoration ideas on Pinterest…


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