July 15, 2019

10 Places to See in Bali

I visited Bali four years ago now, but the memories of that trip haven’t gone anywhere. To be honest the Bali blues are just getting stronger, which is probably because of all the photos of luxurious infinity pools and beach clubs that keep popping up on my Instagram feed!

We only had five days in Bali because it was more of a relaxing end to a hectic few weeks travelling around Dubai and Australia. It wasn’t long enough to see much of the island, but it was long enough to see some of the best bits.

If you’re planning a trip to Bali, here are 10 places you need to see!

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Tanah Lot Temple

This Hindu temple is really unique as it sits out on the water on a beautiful rock formation. And it’s the place to go for that sunset view! Just make sure you go during low-tide, because that’s the only time that the causeway is accessible.

When you arrive at the base of the temple, you can also be blessed with the holy water from the water cave. And there’s a snake cave to explore if you’re not bothered by reptiles!

I’m gutted that we didn’t get to see this because we simply didn’t have enough days on the island, but I’ve heard amazing things about the 16th century Tanah Lot Temple, so make sure you see it!

It’s just over £3 to visit the temple and caves, and an extra £4 to watch the post-sunset Kecak dance.

Kuta Beach

Kuta is a bustling market village that sits next to a sweeping, golden beach. This part of Bali is known for two things; partying and surfing. You’ll find a lot of Aussies here for these reasons!

We didn’t get too much time to explore Kuta, but the time we did have there was reserved for beach strolls and surfing. We’d learned to surf in Sydney the week before, so we rented a board and wetsuit for nothing more than a few pounds and spent the afternoon soaking up the sun and catching a few waves.

Kuta is also just minutes from the airport, so it could be a good first or last stop on your trip.

Jimbaran Beach

If you love seafood, you need to stop by Jimbaran Beach. Once a fish market, this location is now a luxurious beach lined with tons of great restaurants.

We only stopped by for a quick drink, but this was one of the most beautiful beaches we visited. It’s more chilled than Kuta, but with the same great views.

There are a few top resorts on the shoreline of Jimbaran, so if this looks like your sort of beach then it could be a great place to book your stay!

Padang Padang Beach

This not so secret tropical beach is one of the most amazing spots in Bali. It’s a long, steep climb down from the road, and you’ll have to squeeze through a few rocks, but it’s worth the effort. Trust me!

There are a couple of places to get refreshments here, but other than that, all there is to do is sunbathe, swim, snorkel or surf.

The water is unbelievably clear and like a warm bath, so you’ll easily lose yourself for a few hours. Take a little picnic and relax!

Uluwatu Temple

Sticking with the temple and sunset theme, Uluwatu Temple is a stunning spot to visit during your trip. This site sits high up on a cliff edge with incredible views of the ocean crashing into the rocks beneath you.

This temple is also home to hundreds of monkeys. Be wary of these guys as they will steal your belongings if you let them! One of them stole someone’s iPhone when we were there, so don’t underestimate them. Just keep everything in your bag and hold on tight to it! Luckily there are guards on site to help you with any monkey situations.

The statues, greenery, wildlife and views that you find at the Uluwatu Temple make it an unreal place. You have to see it for yourself!

It is just under £2 to enter and you will need to cover up, but a sarong can be provided to you on entry.

Sanur Beach

If you’re looking for a quiet spot to relax, take a short drive over to Sanur on the east coast of the island. This is where we stayed during our trip, and I would absolutely go back again. It still has its resorts, but it has a very different vibe to Kuta.

The water in Sanur is perfectly still, so it’s perfect for paddle boarding. Again this only cost a few pounds and we loved spending a couple of hours floating out on the water with views of the island behind us. This was probably my favourite part of our time in Bali!

Batuan Temple

Located near Ubud, this 11th century Balinese temple is a beautiful place to spend an hour. There are countless shrines and statues, and a constant smell of burning incense as you explore the Batuan Temple.

You will need to cover up, but a sarong can be provided to you on entry for a small donation of around 50p.

Images from Ubud Monkey Forest

Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

If you want to experience one of the most surreal parts of Bali, go to the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary in the heart of Ubud.

Again, the monkeys can be a bit over confident with the tourists, but try not to let that put you off. If you keep your belongings hidden away and don’t wind them up, they will probably leave you alone.

If you need another reason to go, the lush, green forest is a good place to escape the blistering sun!

We arrived here with every intention to explore, but unfortunately both fell unwell and had to leave. Thankfully we’d hired a driver for the day, so getting back to the hotel wasn’t too difficult!

If you decide to go, it will cost you just under £5 each.

Tegalalang Rice Terrace

If you’re on Instagram, you’ve no doubt seen a lot of snaps from the Tegalalang Rice Terrace. The best bit about it is that you can walk as little or as much as you want to around the paths of the terraces. Just go at your own pace and soak up the views!

We arrived at the rice terraces in peak heat which in hindsight wasn’t a great idea, but it’s always hot and humid in Bali! Just remember to take sunscreen, a hat and plenty of water.

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Mount Agung

This is one other thing that sadly remains on my bucket list, but Mount Agung is a must if you have the time. Climbing this volcano for the sunrise is the top choice and you can see why. Look at the views!

The hike is considered strenuous and takes between 4-7 hours depending on your pace and where you set off from, so you’re best to book via a trusted tour operator to get the best and safest experience.

Just bear in mind that this is an active volcano, so your hike may be cancelled if there’s any concern of an eruption.

I loved exploring Bali but still have so much to see, so hopefully I can get back there in the next few years and add to this post.

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Have you been to Bali? What was your favourite place on the island?

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