April 13, 2016

24 Hours in Hervey Bay

Back in November whilst we were travelling around Australia, we decided to book a hostel in Hervey Bay as our Fraser Island trip was departing from the harbour there the following morning. Whilst basic, the Aussie Woolshed was another hostel which was full of lovely, friendly people. Yes, you did have to pay for air conditioning and fresh towels, but you had full access to their DVD collection which was pretty ideal considering the aggressive weather that was suspiciously looming.

24 hours in hervey bay 1

As you can see from the pictures it was beautifully sunny when we arrived, which was the perfect welcome since we’d just spent several hours on the Greyhound Bus. To make to most of it we decided to explore the area. We headed straight to Woolworths to do our food shopping for the next few days ahead (any backpacker can relate to this) before roaming around the little public water park, the stunningly tranquil beaches and pier, all whilst the glorious sun shone above us.

24 hours in hervey bay 5

Oh, and this was where we saw a crazy amount of bats in the trees beside the ocean. Like, a seriously crazy amount. Bizarre.

24 hours in hervey bay 4

Suddenly the clouds rolled towards us in a tsunami-like style, and before we knew it we were pegging it back to the hostel before quite possibly the biggest storm I have ever witnessed hit Hervey Bay. Please bear in mind at this point that we’re staying in what is essentially a tin shed with windows. I’ve never heard anything like it in my life, and after a number of power cuts it’s safe to say I was a quivering wreck.

24 hours in hervey bay 6

Hours later the storm was still in full force so we ordered two Dominos pizzas, one for lunch and one for dinner. Not very cultural, but a fab idea all the same right? The Aussie Dominos does chicken, camembert and cranberry pizzas. Need I say more? Thankfully later in the afternoon there was a brief break in the storms, so we took this opportunity to walk to Woolworths (again) to stock up on drinks and snacks for our trip the following day, before the heavens opened once more. Movie night in for us!

24 hours in hervey bay 8

Our stay in Hervey Bay was short, but most definitely sweet! Admittedly there isn’t tons to do there, so 24 hours really was spot on. Have you ever visited?

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