September 1, 2018

5 Reasons Why I Prioritise Travel

Tomorrow we’re flying off to Croatia which means that in the past week I’ve had a lot of those “you’re going away again?” comments. That’s fine, it’s a pretty standard British thing to say along with “going anywhere nice?” which always makes me laugh because who’s going to say “no somewhere horrible actually”, but it did make me think, am I travelling too much? There are pros and cons to it, cons including spending a lot of money and leaving my cat behind, but there are also a million pros. I can’t list them all, so here are five which mean I choose travel over most things.

The memories I make

This is a given, right? Everybody travels to make memories. I have so many incredible memories from travelling as a child that it made me realise I never want that to end. Even if you go to the same place ten times, you’ll always make new memories. Some memories will be bad, but most will be great, and to me that’s worth a thousand times more than spending my money on material objects which I’ll be bored of in a month’s time.

Exploring the world we live in

I understand that some people don’t enjoy travel, but for me seeing as many places as possible is a must. We live in such an incredible world, why wouldn’t I take advantage of that? It might cost me a small fortune to see the other side of the world, but I can get there, and that’s actually really cool. If I’d have been born in a different era, that wouldn’t have been an option.

Learning to appreciate the way we live

It’s easy to think that the whole world works in the same way when you live in one place which, luckily for me, is currently the 30th richest country in the world. I haven’t seen even a fraction of the world yet, but I’ve seen enough to know that we are very fortunate. It isn’t everyone’s cup of tea to live this sort of life and I know that many people in different cultures and lifestyles are very happy, however as someone who has grown up with an easy life, I realise that this is something I often take for granted.

Because travel makes me happy

I get to travel for fun. Because I want to, because I’ve saved enough money to, because my job allows me to and because the option is there. It’s as simple as that. If I’d never travelled then I wouldn’t necessarily know what I was missing, but because I’ve had a taste of it, now it’s something I can’t imagine living without. If this means using every single day of my annual leave for being away from home, then so be it!

To create content for this blog

I’ve always loved writing but I used to write about things that didn’t make me happy just because I thought it’s what other people wanted to read. Since I changed that and started blogging about travel with a bit of health and fitness on the side, I’ve never been happier. Documenting every detail of every holiday can be annoying sometimes, but it means I get to take incredible photos and put our experiences into words for others to (hopefully) enjoy, and for me to look back on in the future. Ultimately, this blog is proving to be a good excuse to book holidays!

The list could go on, but these five reasons really sum up why I prioritise travel. I’m sure some people can relate! Why do you travel?

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