October 15, 2018

5 Things to Do on Lokrum Island

During our one day trip to Dubrovnik, we hopped on a ferry over to Lokrum Island. Not heard of it before? I hadn’t either. But you might recognise it from those Instagrammable shots overlooking the Old Town, just like the one below. From a distance it looks pretty desolate, but it’s actually packed with tons to do. You might not have time for everything, so here are the top 5 that will help you see the best of Lokrum.

Swim in the Dead Sea

You’re going to need your swimwear and beach shoes for this one! There’s a salt-filled lake on the island which links to the ocean, complete with a gorgeous but eerie little cave, named Mrtvo More. If you choose to swim you can change in the toilets or changing pod. And if swimming isn’t for you, don’t worry, there’s plenty of space to sunbathe on the pebbles.

Tick Off the Game of Thrones Filming Locations

If you’re a GOT fan, you’ll be pretty excited about the fact you can sit on the Iron Throne on Lokrum Island. This area also has a little movie running which explains how they shot the scenes in Dubrovnik. Some of the filming also took place in the Botanical Gardens, so head there for a look around too. 

Explore the Rock Formations

The formations on Lokrum are made up of ancient limestone and dolomite rocks. Paired with the crystal clear Adriatic Sea, this is a beautiful sight. And the views can’t be complained about either! This is a nice place to catch some rays if you find Mrtvo More to be too busy. 

Climb to the Top of Fort Royal

This was quite a long, inclined walk, but worth it for the views across Dubrovnik and more of southern Croatia. Exploring inside the Fort is a good way to escape the heat, so I’d recommend spending some time up here cooling off before you embark on the journey back down. A benefit of the walk is getting to explore the forests of Lokrum, which are home to several endangered plant species. 

Head to the Snack Bar for Happy Hour

Before we headed back to the Old Town, we stopped off at Lacroma Snack Bar for their 4pm happy hour. After all of the walking an ice cold Aperol Spritz was exactly what we needed! It’s pretty surreal to be sipping a drink surrounded by peacocks and rabbits, which are found all over the island.  

Things to Know About Visiting Lokrum Island

Visiting the island:  you can visit Lokrum between April and November only. 

What to pack:  it is hot. So take tons of sun cream, water and snacks to keep your energy levels up. And don’t forget the swimwear and beach shoes! 

How to get there:  you’re best to get the public ferry over, as your 150 Kuna fee includes island entry. If not, you’ll have to pay 120 Kuna when you arrive. Apparently you can kayak there from Dubrovnik which is pretty cool. 

Smokers be warned:  just a heads up, there’s no smoking permitted anywhere on the island. 

Leaving the island:  in summer the last boat leaves at 7pm. Nobody is permitted to stay overnight as there is no accommodation available, so don’t miss it! 

Have you visited Lokrum Island before? If not, would you want to go?

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