November 19, 2018

5 Things to Do Before You Book a Holiday

With the New Year just around the corner, you might already be thinking about your travels for 2019. But we all know that booking the best deal for your dream location can be an overwhelming process, especially if like me you have a bucket list as long as your arm. To make sure you’re on top of your game when the time comes, here are the 5 key things you need to do before booking your next holiday.

Make sure your passport is in date

This is one of those things that you never realise until it’s too late. And it’s not something you want to ever happen to you, trust me! Getting a new one isn’t a case of popping into town. It’s a 4-6 week process and will cost you £75.50. So if in doubt, set a reminder alert on your phone for two months before the expiry date.

Create a shortlist of destinations

It’s far too easy to watch weeks of your life go by as you hunt for the perfect holiday. You eventually get to a point where you’re losing the will to live with 18 tabs open for 10 different countries, with no real understanding of what you want anymore. I’ve been there many times. To get around this, read up on a few dream destinations and narrow your search down to two or three places which you know are feasible options. Remember, you have your whole life to see the rest of the world.

Check the weather for your shortlist

You’ll probably have no trouble finding a place to visit, but making sure you’re going at the best possible time is equally as important. You wouldn’t want to spend a large chunk of money on a luxury resort in Thailand, to then spend every day inside because of the monsoon conditions outside. There’s tons of info out there, so a quick Google is all it takes to find out where to go and when. I love using Holiday Weather as a guideline for this.

Plan a rough itinerary

You don’t need to go into full blown organisation mode at this stage (unless you want to), but it is a good idea to check that you’ll be able to do everything that you want to whilst you’re there. Doing a bit of research on excursions, activities and events will not only help you plan out your costs, but it’ll give you a good indication as to what you need to book in advance to avoid missing out.

Hold out for the sale events

There’s nothing worse than booking a holiday and seeing that it dropped by £100 the following week. Sales happen all the time so they shouldn’t be hard to find, but consider waiting for those big national sale events, such as Black Friday (happening this Friday 23 November), Cyber Monday, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day, to slice some of the cost off your next adventure.

What destinations do you want to tick off your bucket list in 2019? And if you’ve already booked, where are you visiting?

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