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We’re all guilty when it comes to over packing – and there’s no denying it. In the past I’ve taken a bikini for near enough every day of the holiday. It can become ridiculous. And honestly, who wants to leave no spare room for bringing back goodies? Duty Free is calling and I demand you to take advantage of it – perfume and Milka chocolate over extra clothes, every single time.

Don’t Overthink It

This is my usual mistake. I always think “ooh but what if it’s bit colder that night”, or “what if I need a few extra tops?”. You won’t. Pack enough for the week, and do it quickly. Eliminating packing time will stop you from discovering other clothes lurking in your cupboard.

Plan Your Outfits

Why oh why did I not start doing this years ago?! To save the faff of finding clothes that match thirty minutes before you’re heading our for dinner, plan it all before you go. I take one evening outfit for each day of the holiday, and then I mix and match day time pool/beach clothes – because who cares what you look like when you’re poolside with a pina colada, am I right?

‘Fold, Roll and Stuff’

Simply, the above. Got a shoe in there that isn’t a flat flip flop? Put a top or some underwear in it. Got a hat in there? Cram some shorts inside it. Mum’s are good at teaching you things like this, and it’s the sort of ‘top tip’ that you can’t go without once you know about it. If I see Darryl layering clothes instead of cramming whilst packing, you can bet every penny that I’m about to walk over there and redo it on the sly.

Travel Soap

Hello lifesaver! So you don’t want to wear the same bikini again – fine. Whack out the travel soap and you’ll be smelling fresh as a daisy for when you wear it again. Bikinis, tops, kaftans – you name it, you’ll be good to go.

Think ‘lightweight’

Leave the two stone bejeweled kimono behind and opt for the light, floaty one instead. Little swaps like these take serious weight off of your luggage – which is vital if, like me, you like bringing a bit of old tat back from time to time.

God only knows how I’m going to follow my own advice for my four weeks abroad later in the year, but we can only hope. At least I’m going to hot countries so coats and jeans aren’t necessary! Playsuits are seriously going to be the way forward.


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