June 5, 2017

8 Hours in Amsterdam

Darryl and I have never really be the type to buy each other gifts for our anniversary, but in recent years Darryl has arranged a surprise day trip for us both so we have memories to look back on. Last week was our six year anniversary and true to form, he had a surprise up his sleeve. He booked us a day in Amsterdam! It’s tough to see a city in a day, but that didn’t stop us from cramming as much as we could into our anniversary trip.

Grabbing brunch in the city

When in Amsterdam, you stroopwaffle. We bought a pack of ten to see us through the day, and then straight after we stopped off to get an amazing salami pizza. We sat eating our food in a town square, in 30 degree sunny weather. It doesn’t get better than that does it?


We spent the first couple of hours exploring the area around the center and then Jordaan, which is a stunning, quaint little neighborhood not too far from the train station. Canal central, Jordaan is full with beautiful boats and surrounded by gorgeous buildings. This is also nearby to the Anne Frank house, but we didn’t go in because we were so short for time. 


Next up we visited Bloemenmarkt Flower Market. It would have been good to venture out of the city to see the tulip fields if we’d had more time, but the Flower Market is definitely a must see on its own. The area was bustling and everywhere you looked, you saw bags and bags of flower bulbs and tulip souvenirs.

The I Amsterdam sign

Next up, we visited the famous sign for a quick Insta snap. It was difficult to get good photos because it was so busy, but it was a lovely area to visit. The sun was definitely at its peak at this point so we ordered a couple of beers from the bar/restaurant nearby before paddling in the water infront of the sign.

De Gooyer Windmill

We spent the next few hours wandering through gorgeous parks and little back streets before looping back around to the De Gooyer Windmill, which is the tallest wooden windmill in the country. By this point we were absolutely shattered and massively dehydrated, so we stopped off to get a drink and eat more stroopwaffles before we carried on towards our final stop.

De Wallen

Otherwise known as The Red Light District, De Wallen is what Amsterdam is very well known for. I knew this was going to be a shock, but I think I underestimated it. I now realise how naive that was. Pretty area though, all things considered!

Grabbing dessert in the city

It was almost time to catch our train back the airport but not before grabbing a quite bite to eat and spending the last of our Euros on poffertjes, which are basically mini pancakes topped with icing sugar and chocolate sauce (yes they’re as good as they sound). 

It was ambitious to do what we did in a day, especially with two delayed flights, but our 30,000 step count proves that we don’t mess about with our short and snappy city breaks. 21 hours on the go having only had 2.5 hours sleep the night before is tough, but that’s what travel memories are all about right?

Have you been to Amsterdam? Was there anything we missed?

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