October 22, 2017

A Long Weekend in Lublin

At the end of September we flew out to Lublin, Poland, for a long weekend with family to celebrate my cousin’s wedding. I hadn’t been to Poland before this trip and I’m always looking to tick new destinations off my bucket list, so being able to spend four days abroad with family that I don’t often see was a perfect mini break.

Lublin is a town in the east of Poland, and although it’s quite big, it’s also home to a small old town which has your typical cobbled streets and quaint little cafes. It’s beautiful there and we were really lucky to get blue skies and crisp weather every day, up until the day we left when it absolutely poured with rain. Getting from the airport was easy enough as it’s only about £10 for a 30 minute taxi journey, so before we knew it we were checking into our gorgeous little boutique hotel right in the centre.

We booked our stay at the Grodzka 20 via booking.com, which was about £50 per night.  It was the perfect location sat smack bang in the middle of the old town, it had a really affordable restaurant/bar, and the modern rooms were kept immaculate. It was basically an IKEA room which is more than ok with me, and wherever there’s a rain shower, I’m happy!

On our first day we ordered soup in the restaurant for lunch, which cost about £2.50 each, and ironically it was the best soup I think I’ve ever eaten! We also had a free breakfast each morning, and we ordered a couple of drinks one night which cost about £7 each, so not too bad at all.

We only flew in on the morning of the wedding. Later in the day my cousin Barnaby and his lovely (new!) wife Lena tied the knot in a beautiful church in the centre, before we all headed to the reception venue for a party that went on until 3am.

Three words to sum up Polish weddings: food, vodka and dancing. We had about seven or eight courses of food, continuous vodka shots and a DJ that played for the whole night, so it was an amazing experience, but having got up at 2am to fly to Poland, by 11pm we were exhausted and ready to go back to the hotel.

The next day post wedding tiredness and a minor hangover had set in, so we spent most of the day either napping, drinking cappuccinos in cafes or wandering around the streets and exploring the stunning cathedral with my parents. We met up for drinks with everyone later that night and then had a lovely quiet meal with my parents after who I hadn’t seen since June, before going back out to see Lublin by night afterwards.

Late evening is the perfect time to see the fountains because once it’s dark they become multi-coloured. They might not be Bellagio sized, but they’re actually pretty impressive! These can be found down near the University, so this area is usually buzzing with students at night.

On the Monday all of my family flew home, so we had a day to ourselves before catching our own flight back home the next morning. We’d already seen quite a bit of the town, but on that day we managed to find a really nice park which was home to red squirrels, we took a short walk up to the castle which has stunning views, and we treated ourselves to an alcoholic hot chocolate the Vanilla Hotel Cafe.

There isn’t tons to see in the old town, but the buildings are so ornate, you’ll want to take a bunch of photos every time you turn a corner. We did exactly that.

We also spent a good chunk of the day in the Mrau Cat Cafe. Who knew Lublin had one of those? Obviously, being a massive cat lover, this was basically the dream. It was virtually impossible to actually eat and drink in there and we definitely lost a chunk of cake to one of the cats making it completely inedible, but who cares when you’re surrounded by little fur babies?

They were so adorable and it was actually really nice to see people taking such good care of them. You never know how they’re treated in these cafes, but in this one they lived like kings and queens. So needless to say, my first cat cafe experience was definitely a huge highlight of the trip!

We didn’t get too long to spend in Lublin, but I think three or so days is good amount of time. If you’re ever in that area of the country, I definitely recommend popping by to try some of their incredible food and see the old town for yourself.

Would you recommend any other places to visit in Poland?

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