As if the month of all things autumn couldn’t get any better, it just did, because we now own a little Halloween kitty! If you didn’t know I had a new cat then you definitely don’t follow me on social media because I’ve been plastering her fuzzy little face everywhere for the past week. Not even sorry.

We’ve wanted a cat for so long but we’ve been putting it off because we thought it’d be better to wait until we had a house with more space, but excitement got the better of us and last weekend we found ourselves driving to Hula and RSPCA just to ‘look’. In all honesty we didn’t actually intend to get one, we just wanted to scope out our options, but obviously once I was there I melted and wanted to adopt them all. Cats are too precious.

It’s weird how preferences change because we went to get a short-haired grey kitten and it was a one-year-old, long-haired black cat that stole our hearts. Inevitably it’s their personality that matters, and when we saw this sweet little pipsqueak hidden away in the corner with her bright yellow eyes beaming at us, how could we say no? She warmed to us so quickly and there was just something about her that stayed with us. So the next day we went back, picked her up, took her home and renamed her Luna.

She’s an angel, even if she can be a bit of a curtain-climbing-minx in the night, but I’m so glad we were able to give a rescue cat a loving home. It’s the best thing ever to have a fur baby to squeeze every day.¬†It sounds weird but we felt like something was missing from our home, and I really hated walking into an empty house when Darryl wasn’t home from work. It’s crazy how one little animal can add so much to your life.¬†Welcome to the family, Luna!


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