January 28, 2019

Cheap Eats Guide: Where to Eat in Budapest

A great way to keep the cost down on a trip is to find some amazing cheap eats, and Budapest was the best place for this. As you might have read in my Budapest Guide, we hardly spent anything on our weekend break, and the affordable dining options in the city helped make that possible!

Here are a few of our favourite places to eat in Budapest.

Budapest Market Hall

Budapest Market Hall was our very first stop after arriving into the city. This is a huge building full of incredible fresh fruit, vegetable, meat and more on the ground floor, and upstairs you’ll find restaurants and food shacks to grab a bite to eat. We didn’t actually stop here as we weren’t in need of a meal, but I’d recommend it if you’re passing by during lunch time.

Where: Budapest, Vámház krt. 1-3, 1093 Hungary

When: pre or post lunch-time rush

Price: cheap to mid-range. Elsewhere these dishes would have been cheaper, but the touristy nature of the upstairs part of the Budapest Market Hall did mean that you paid a premium (though the portions were gigantic!)

Mazel Tov Restaurant

Mazel Tov was recommended to me by a friend and I was so happy about this, I’m sharing it with you too. This Mediterranean restaurant is another one that features heavily on the ‘gram because it’s so beautiful inside. And being one of many Hummus Bars in the area, they have some killer options for the veggies and vegans out there.

Where: Budapest, Akácfa u. 47, 1072 Hungary

When: this is a good spot for an early dinner. We arrived at 7pm and had to queue for about 20-minutes, but it gets far busier later on

Price: cheap to mid-range. Our hummus and falafel bowls, pittas, side of fries and pints of beer only cost £20

Vintage Garden Restaurant

Vintage Garden is a bit of a hotspot for Bloggers and Influencers because of its “Instagrammable” interior. Can you blame me for wanting to see what all the fuss was about? I expected it to be rammed so we arrived 5-minutes after it opened on a Sunday morning – and we had the place to ourselves for the entire hour. The food was fantastic and yes, I took about 100 photos with their festive display.

Where: Budapest, Dob u. 21, 1074 Hungary

When: this is a good spot for breakfast or brunch. Go early if you want a good table and nobody staring at you whilst you get your Insta photos

Price: cheap to mid-range. Our pancakes and coffees came to £12

Mr Funk Doughnut Shop

Mr Funk sells the most insane doughnuts, and there’s also a Ms Bagel section inside the shop too. I heard about their unicorn doughnuts and being the basic millennial that I am, I wanted one. The doughnuts are super sickly, but worth every calorie. If I was hungrier I’d have ordered a Freakshake because they looked out of this world.

Where: Budapest, Arany János u. 19-21, 1051 Hungary

When: anytime

Price: cheap. Our two doughnuts cost £4

Chimney Cake Shop

Chimney Cake Shop is one of many place in Budapest where you can get your hands on this Hungarian street snack. For those who don’t know, a chimney cake is a sweet bread with made with light fluffy dough, filled with ice-cream and topped with whatever takes your fancy. Our one had cinnamon sugar dough which was dreamy.

Where: Budapest, Király u. 8, 1061 Hungary

When: anytime

Price: cheap. This chimney cake cost us about £2

Snacks on the go

As you roam the city you’ll find various food stalls dotted about. On our climb up to Liberty Statue we came across a stall selling chocolate croissants and cheese pretzels, so we bought an obnoxiously oversized pretzel to fuel the journey.

Where: dotted around the city

When: anytime

Price: cheap. Our giant pretzel only cost £2.70

As you can see, we really didn’t spend a lot in Budapest! I’m sure there are some pricier spots such as the roof top bars and 5* restaurants, but for us, finding local cheap eats is what makes it a great trip.

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What are your favourite food spots in Budapest? Do you try to eat cheap when you travel?

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